One Shot: Don’t stare at the book directly

In most games, books are a dump of neglected folklore, and at best, props to make them look geeky to all geeky friends. But, FINAL FANTASY XIVThe book is a powerful weapon of unimaginable destructive power and will burn your retina when you read Chapter 4.

It is no exaggeration to say that poor Vincent is completely blind. But it was worth it to impress everyone else.

“I played the one Fallen earth, “I posted reader Paul in a completely different article I’m stealing for this post. “I was in the early stages of Alpha and played hard for the first few years. There are no games like this on the market. I hope to come back!”

Utakata may not have read the book, but that Lil Hellcat has a light show at Blade & Soul even so. “Gacha!” Screams before your world turns white … and turns black.


When taking a tour Conan asylum seekersYou may hear this voice rise: “I’m Kenzaki Hikari, Fashionista, and the Queen of Alchemy! Look at my dye empire and despair! Or go ahead and take some. I have hundreds and I can make more. “

TexyFX certainly has some high altitude fun World of Warcraft, Holding a fashion show that impresses eagles and very ambitious goats.

“It’s not the cover of brandy and mace, it’s the top of the world,” he wrote. “All discos, until morning …”

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One Shots: Don’t stare directly at the book

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