One Shot: Life of Fish People

Indentured servitude FINAL FANTASY XIV I like to introduce to players like poor Scott. Scott discovered that he had been doing a fetch quest for fish people for two months. Oh my cod, he’ll be flatfish.

Just looking at this picture will ask you so many questions that you hope the game can be answered. How do these fish people get dressed without the use of fingers or thumbs? Do they still have gills? What is a bell? What do they eat if they don’t have land plankton? Would you like to have it blackened with Cajun rice?

This was the last photo of Munchmeat 2 World of Warcraft.. There are rumors that he was handed over to Shadowlands, but I’m not going to tell my family. Did the dragon know what it was for, or “No, I’m not going to hell for you. Thank you, but not. In a comfortable cave full of treasures and chewing toys. Will return.”

Vincent continues to use the magic of screenshots with this scholar, enjoying a one-on-one Tinkerbell time in the deep shadows.

“I play MMO, walk around and take screenshots,” said Minimalistway. “”Blade & Soul Provided much to see in the starting zone. This is where I don’t think I can go back, but here are the screenshots. “

“I didn’t plan on this ragdoll while I was hunting witches. Neverwinter, ”Posted Sixuality. “I can say that was the case … Bring.. “


Hey, let’s revive the (optional) weekly screenshot challenge, why? This week’s challenge is to post one or two photos of defeat, death, or hilarious failure. See you in the comments!

Each week, One Shots spotlights the best community screenshots of MMO Adventure. If you have a great photo to share, please email with the subject “One Shot”. Make sure the photo is over 880 pixels wide and has a description and story.

One Shots: The life of fish people

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