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One small Canadian bank offering high risk, high reward benefits

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Generally speaking, investors can’t mistakenly owning Canada’s Big Six Bank. Indeed, as far as reliable dividend stocks are concerned, these banks offer spade consistency. National Bank of Canada (TSX: NA) Canada’s leading bank Market capitalization $ 33 billion to conclude Canada’s Big Six.

This status makes national banks one of the most overlooked options in this area.For many investors looking for worth,That is wonderful.

Learn why national banks are currently more risky in the banking sector and seem like a great option for those looking for an upside option.

National Bank of Canada raises dividends and buys back shares

The National Bank will join other companies in the same industry, announce plans to increase dividends and launch a share buyback program.

In a recent announcement, the National Bank of Canada said the board of directors has decided to increase lenders’ quarterly shareholder payments by 23%. This is equivalent to a total dividend of $ 0.87 per share. In addition, this Montreal-based lender is looking forward to seeking approval to buy back up to 7 million shares of common stock from the Toronto Stock Exchange and OSFI (Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority).

National banks can take this step after OSFI lifts the ban on share buybacks and dividend increases in early 2020. In fact, these moves are widely regarded as bullish for national banks, demonstrating the strength of this prestigious Canadian to the market. Lender.

Better for this top Canadian bank

A few weeks ago, the National Bank of Canada provided updates on quarterly earnings. With this update, the National Bank has shown fairly impressive earnings growth. The Big Five said its full-year profits increased from $ 2.08 billion last year to $ 3.18 billion this year. The financial institution’s net income for the fourth quarter, which ended October 31, was $ 767 million, an increase of approximately 58%.

National Bank profits rose this quarter with the release of a $ 41 million allowance for doubtful accounts. This resulted in National Bank adjusted earnings per share of $ 2.21, well above analysts’ expectations of $ 2.19 per share.

In addition, the National Bank of Canada performed well in all segments. Net income for commercial and personal banking reached $ 1.26 billion, up 64% year-on-year. Wealth management net income increased 22% to $ 655 million. Meanwhile, the company’s financial markets segment reported net income growth of 25%, reaching $ 923 million. Finally, the National Bank’s US financial and international segment net income increased 58% to $ 555 million.


The National Bank is a Canadian bank that is often overlooked in many ways. The company is well-positioned for growth across different business segments. And if the company’s past performance is a guide, this is some strong stock in the future.

The upcoming earnings of the National Bank in February could be another major catalyst for this stock. National banks are the stock I’m looking at right now as investors turn to more defensive names.

One small Canadian bank offering high risk, high reward benefits One small Canadian bank offering high risk, high reward benefits

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