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OnePlus’ foldable bullying was an incomplete half-price promotion

OnePlus shook tongue by yesterday Make fun of the foldable possibilities Or the launch of dual-screen phones as soon as Samsung planned its announcement Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 Handset.

Given the image of the galaxy on the home screen of the device in the picture, many, including us, felt Samsung’s tactics and straight trolling. There were no OnePlus foldable tips. Also, given that the company loves to keep track of new phones for a long time, competing launches were unlikely.

As proven to be the case. However, OnePlus may have overestimated the joke, given the inadequate rewards.Bullying was to announce a 50% discount on OnePlus 9 5G, Samsung has identified the most advanced foldable cell phone ever.

Sounds pretty good, is that so? Well, only if you plan to take advantage of the new line on the US T-Mobile network and don’t mind getting $ 375 back in two years.

OnePlus may have spawned more promotions for this offer (after all, I wrote about it yesterday and I wrote about it today), but the old bait-and-switch is actually among smartphone users in the long run. Does not produce good intentions.

I’m not sure if it will succeed this time, but OnePlus seemed like a bit of time with this cheesy joke.

The OnePlus 9 5G itself, dedicated to T-Mobile in the United States, is an overall excellent phone. It earned an impressive 4.5 out of a possible 5-star rating. Our reviewers praised the well-tuned screen, rugged camera, and future evidence performance.

He writes: “The OnePlus 9 is a great phone with a customized screen for gamers and people who regularly stream movies on their phones, but the fact that the screen doesn’t have a variable refresh rate panel is battery life. Is one step behind some rivals. “

OnePlus’ foldable bullying was an incomplete half-price promotion OnePlus’ foldable bullying was an incomplete half-price promotion

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