Online Translation Tools Performing the Most Accurate Results

For many years, the internet was written primarily in English. However, recent advancements in technology made it possible to automatically translate the content of a website into another language. Also, there are many freelance writers who now offer their translation services.

Today, we will talk about the top translation tools that can help you transform your content to another language. As you do so, you will be able to reach out to more people, especially in countries where English is not spoken too often.

1. MemoQ

This is software that you have to buy. Once purchased, you have to install it on your PC and use it as you would normally use word processing software.

Here are some of its features:

  • Editor interface
  • Templates and workflow automation
  • Server-based translation algorithm
  • Linguistic quality assurance

Linguistic QA assurance is a software program. What this means is that it will try to validate if the words in the text make sense. If they don’t, you will have to edit the translation manually, or you could give it to a human who offers this kind of service.

The software costs 770 USD. Apart from the machine, they also offer manual translation services done by humans. You can use the service to translate content from your website. International sites where you can play online slot machines or do online shopping usually provide their services in many languages, so they constantly need to translate their web content.

2. SDL Trados Studio

This is one of the world’s most trusted translation software programs. The content localization process is done at amazing speeds, and this is what sets this software apart from its competitors. Currently, SDL is one of the leading providers of computer-assisted translation or CAT with over 270,000 users. The translation tool is mainly offered to freelancers, but they also have packages for businesses. There are three main plans here where you will get different iterations of the software. The higher the tier, the more programs you can access.

3. Smartling

Like SDL, Smartling offers software within the CAT industry, but they also offer human services. Smartling also has several key products, which we will discuss briefly below.

  • Translation Management System– you can easily manage your translation projects in one system. There is no need to organize them on your own PC.
  • Automation and Integration– in this feature, you will be able to translate APIs, web proxies and even deploy new content.
  • Proxy– this is a service where you can deploy different languages on one website. This is great if you are operating an e-commerce store or a gaming website.
  • Transcreation Tool– this is software that allows you to translate not just the words but the meaning of the text. This is great if you are working with headlines and texts where the context is crucial to get your message to the reader.

Smartling also has a CAT tool that allows you to translate your text with visual context. The company also has translation analytics which will help you determine the quality of your translated work.

4. Poedit

This is a free tool that offers the fastest and most convenient way to change the language of your website’s interface. This is great for your buttons and your drop-down selections.

Poedit uses another app like gettext, a software solution that not only translates but also does editorial tasks. One amazing aspect of this tool is the Pre-translation feature. The software allows you to pre-translate your files string by string. You can use the tool to do multiple tasks. The tool will provide suggestions so you can focus on editing and making corrections.

The machine also has built-in integration with Crowdin. It is a management platform that allows you to access all your projects from one app. You can also share the project access to different people, which is great if you are managing a team.

Translation tools are not perfect. Nothing beats the translation of a human being, but machines are continuously evolving. Do not be afraid to use these machines. While they may produce some mistakes from time to time, you can always ask native speakers to proofread your final output. This will cost lesser than asking somebody to actually translate the whole document for you.

Choose the right translator for you. Some translation machines can only do basic words, while some can do complicated sentences. Use basic translation services if you only need them for the interface. If you translate long content, make sure that you get software that can do this.

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