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After the blunder against Brentford last night, I think it’s time for the media to start scrutinizing Steve Bruce and ask a very simple question.

What changes are you trying to make?

Unless he’s just winging it, I’m curious if I know.

Fans don’t necessarily have to know all the intricate details … but if it can tell fans what the basis of a decent plan is, it’s the beginning. As I see, Steve Bruce is just doing what he did throughout his managerial career, ridiculing his path.

There are many other questions, but the obvious one is about the style of play (whatever it is). This hasn’t improved, and if it does occur, it’s very slow to take.

At the individual level, no player has improved significantly since he was in charge, and in some cases he has retreated badly.

As a team, the defense is overshadowed by what he inherited, and only the goalkeeper continues to shine every week. Isaac Hayden can be counted as one player who seems to be thriving under this manager, but in my opinion he is required to have far more defense than before. It just looks like that. Once a solid defensive erosion is one thing, but the most chaotic is the midfield. They must simply be better than what they are currently showing.

But another question arises with the striker. What was the point of extending Andy Carroll’s contract, re-signing it, and worse? If he were a school report, it would look like this: Attendance is shocking and the performance is terrible, but this is not his fault either.

Another example of Bruce’s shocking lack of tactics is Carol. Watch the last three games against Leeds, Fulham and Brentford.

Against Leeds, Carroll should have been thrown shortly after Leeds scored in the second half of the third, but not earlier, instead he was sitting unused on the bench. 2 days later Against Fulham It took 30 minutes to play against 10 men, but Carol remained unused. Finally, over time with Brentford, Carol came in, but the real problem I’m having is that he should start for the pitch pudding. Why play on the deck when a big guy is free to use it?

Why does Bruce always make such a mistake?I didn’t rate Blues Nothing has changed in the meantime to change my stance, dating back to when he was first advertised as Sir Bobby Robson’s successor. If anything, time and evidence have solidified it, and unfortunately the slides are happening in front of us.

That said, I thought the peak would come soon before the wheels fell, but that didn’t happen. Or do you have it? Maybe last season was the peak. It was as poor as it was, maybe it was as good as it gets under Steve Bruce. A strange victory over Manchester United, a lucky victory over Chelsea, and a stumbling block on the survival line. Unfortunately, even though I believe it won’t be demoted this season, it could be an inevitable slide. This confidence diminishes with each passing game.

Further evidence of Bruce playing as a manager comes from his quote, and these are the ones I have to feel a little embarrassed about. He repeatedly stepped into the saying, and after the match last night he came out with this jewel. Progress was there so that everyone could see it. I advanced to the quarterfinals. -Steve Bruce

He clearly forgets that we played the much more prestigious FA Cup quarterfinals last season. So are we thinking of advancing to the League Cup quarterfinals as progress? It’s some very dilute straws that are grabbed there.

He reiterates that after every match we are “not good enough” and more questions should be asked to him by journalists, some of which could not be scrutinized. I have to say that I missed the opportunity. Meet face to face. Further questions need to be asked about the performance of surprisingly poor individuals who appear to be deteriorating weekly.

The player is not playing in either a club, a shirt, or Steve Bruce. The first two are unacceptable, the last is just disappointing, but very straightforward.

I believe these players are far better than they are currently showing. Contrary to the belief that it’s just as bad as they seem to be playing game by game, even Steve Bruce’s less partisan fans see the chambolic nature of things. I’m starting.

Don’t dress up, if this is a very poor Premier League and what we are witnessing is the best This head coach You can get out of a set of players that are decent enough for me and quite expensive, and if the crazy waffles and nonsense he came out to defend the horror show continue, he’ll get rid of everyone’s time. You can stop doing it.

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Only this one question Steve Bruce answers now Only this one question Steve Bruce answers now

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