Operation Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn Reveals with New Operator

The· Rainbow Six Siege The story continues as Ubisoft introduces the game with yet another operator for a new season of content called Operation Neon Dawn. Teaser today introduced another defender known as Arni. It also peaked with her working gadget. This is reminiscent of future mute protocol events. In any case, we can expect to learn more on November 8th, when it will be fully released.

Further digging into what we saw, Aruni seems to have a laser-based barrier that can be attached to the door frame to block enemies. The catch is that Arni himself (and perhaps his teammates) can get through it. This takes area denial to a new level and clearly defines her role as a defender in the meta. I still don’t know how the gadget mechanism works. The projectile may be able to pass through it, but we have to wait for it by fully revealing it.

Don’t mess with

But we learned a little about Arni himself.Yesterday, Ubisoft gave Aruni’s backstory Rainbow Six Siege Nothing is mentioned about the blog, Operation Neon Dawn. However, Arni is from Thailand and has an outstanding background in the Royal Thai Police. Recently she is an agent of Night Haven. She has a bare evil scar in addition to her artificial limbs, which is probably the result of a fierce situation. Arni seems to be a serious type, and her slogan from the trailer says the same. “My gate stands like a star in the dark. A burning light that keeps enemies away. Can you withstand the heat?”

You can see Aruni in action on November 8th at 11:00 am EST. Ubisoft streams rebirth via Twitch. In the meantime, you can enjoy sweet action through the Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn revealed with new operator

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