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Through the first eight games of the 2021 regular season Baltimore Ravens I was playing an average of nearly 30 points on the attack and exceeded the mark four times during that span. It was a truly amazing achievement, especially considering all the injuries the team suffered on their side before the start of the season.

Despite being 3-2 after the goodbye week, Ravens is 2-2 in the last four games and is struggling to move the ball consistently with both goals.Road loss in their 13th week Pittsburgh Steelers This is the first time I have scored 16 points or more in 3 weeks, and I have not scored 30 points or more since the 9th week.

Star quarterback Lamar Jackson’s benevolent play, porous performance with ad hoc attack lines, and an increasing list of injuries have been pointed out as good reasons for regression. However, no single player, coach, or position group has recently been scrutinized for the shortcomings and inadequacy of a team as much as attack coordinator Greg Roman.

Severe criticisms of Rome’s plans and doubts about his insight and ability as a play caller / designer date back to last season. In 2020, Ravens was the first to finish in all major rushing statistics categories except touchdowns and was the top 10 scoring team in the devastated season of COVID-19, but another sensational historic 2019 campaign. He called for his job in the past off-season because he couldn’t follow up with a big campaign.

In contrast to what national experts like ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky and countless candid fans of the team say on talk shows and Twitter, Roman actually hurt, from a basket of highly accomplished lemons. I’m doing a pretty good job trying to make lemonade.

Was he perfect for all or even most of his phones? No, but who? Was he sometimes a little predictable during the game? Absolutely, but it’s a staple of his attacks, working with tremendous success and efficiency in the last two seasons with better blockers in addition to more explosive running backs.

He needs to unlock more play from the vault so his unit can get the ball into the hands of Jackson and other ancillary playmakers outside Marc Andrew on the tight end. is there? 100% yes.

But what appears to be Ravens’ biggest problem of attack, or sometimes lack of coordination, rather than Roman playcall / design is the player’s own execution and discipline, which they will admit first.

“It wasn’t done,” Jackson said of missing a two-point conversion throw that won the match against the Steelers. “We weren’t on the same page on the spot.”

“I threw three passcuts in the first half, a total of four passcuts,” he said. Browns The previous week. “I feel like those drives. When the interception came, we could have done something with those drives. We could have put a point on the board.”

“It’s like disappointing your family,” said Devonta Freeman’s running back. “You have to put this in the trash can and prepare for the next trash can.”

The QB / OC tandem is about how hard it was to counter the pressure from the enemy team in the form of Blitz, especially Cover-0, so everyone seems to want to talk about Jackson and Roman.Many experts lament that Rome cannot dial up a “blitzkrieg” to force defenders to pay for full pressure. Miami Dolphins A short turnaround in the 10th week confused Ravens.

Since that game, there have been some examples where he called for play and allowed Jackson to throw the ball into the outlet below if nothing developed fast enough in the downfield. He hasn’t made a simple throw equivalent to a basketball layup and instead chose to hold the ball longer behind the attack line already struggling for a “coverage” sack or the last I will wait until the end and decide to try. Escape from the crumbling pocket immediately.

Jackson’s indecision from his pocket sacrificed some scoring opportunities during Ravens’ current aggressive slump. He flips the ball featurelessly, playing with bad mechanics, misses wide open receivers, and hasn’t spread his wealth to his significantly improved group of pass catchers, especially wide receivers.

All of Jackson’s recent plays outlined above can be modified, but Rome should not be blamed because they happened first. He has played his part by calling play that puts the player in a position to move the chain, but drops, pre-snap penalties, hold penalties, and inconsistent quarterback play criticize him as a simple scapegoat. I made it the target of.

Ravens players can start running more consistently, digging into his vault and creating creative unpredictable playcalls, as Roman did on his first drive to the Steelers last Sunday. If you could keep your toes on, this attack turned things fast. They can become one of the hottest and most dangerous units at once, and should do so if their defenses weaken after suffering another debilitating injury on the secondary.

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Opinion: Greg Roman should not be responsible for Ravens’ recent offensive struggle Opinion: Greg Roman should not be responsible for Ravens’ recent offensive struggle

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