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A little less than a week ago, Pedri Gonzalez, or colloquially known as Pedri, celebrated his first anniversary in Barcelona. He played 73 games in all tournaments of the Spanish national team and football club Barcelona, ​​surprised everyone who witnessed his brilliance and ended the year with an agape.

Despite the gentle age of 18, the Spaniards have a technical acuity that goes far beyond his age. Thus, the young man became a recipient of praise from all his oagers, and it was itself translated into numerous appearances on the pitch.

The question asked by the player and his manager is how many are there. Indeed, Pedri is a talented soccer player, and the number of matches played was more than all European soccer players in itself, so can we classify it as too much?

In the light of his recent injury Barcelona universal Explore irresponsible behavior from both the people above him from Pedri to it.

Dreaming boy

Pedri, a Barcelona fan from a young age, has always been eager to protect Garnet and Blue. When given the opportunity to do so, he opened his arms and never let go. His performance in most matches reflected his maturity, patience, and pure dedication to badges.

This isn’t a bad thing in nature, but rather these are the attitudes that the majority of Cures want to see for all players. The problem is moderation, but it doesn’t seem to exist for Pedri.

At his age, playing like him is actually far away, but it’s easy to charm playing a match under the false impression that what he’s doing is long-term sustainable. May be dazzling.

“I’m not tired. I always try to rest. It’s not difficult to sleep a little. It helps me a lot.”


Pedri seems to believe he can keep playing forever, but everyone, regardless of age, needs to rest. Playing for these few minutes has a long-term negative impact on a person’s body, especially at his age, as with some players who spotlighted their careers as early as he did.

The 18-year-old answers all his health questions by saying he’s perfectly fine, as it’s now a force of habit, but as it was towards the end of the campaign, The honest answer was obviously not what he gave.

His performance began to become more and more sloppy, his movements became more and more lethargic, and his previously exemplary endurance became comical. Pedri’s body desperately begged for a rest that his mind and mind would never allow.

His never-dying attitude, despite the fear of injury, was as impressive as it was and gradually became a source of concern. A good example is Barcelona’s 2-1 defeat against Real Sociedad.

In addition to his incredible display in the central midfield for the host, Pedri made a stunning save to ensure that. La Real You will not get some of the loot. This has come almost at the expense of his hips. In the aftermath of this heroic act, his body almost completely wrapped around the post, resulting in him off the pitch with 15 minutes remaining.

Pedri’s hero wasn’t overlooked, but at a cost. (Photo via adult)

At the peak of Ronald Koeman footballHe suffered a Copa del Rey semi-final clash with Sevilla and an injury that was supposed to exclude the next two weeks, but there are other thoughts on Pedri’s excellent physical condition.

Only two days after the injury, Pedri resumed training with the team, and what was supposed to heal over two weeks was wiped out overnight.

Given his personal qualities, he played on his stride against an astonishing 89 minutes. Rosner Bione The Catalan won with 3 goals.

In subsequent European Championships, Spain played everything on the continental showpiece except one-630th that Spain had. His level of football, which lyrically talked about Luis Enrique’s dexterity, was unseen at that age and could even be compared to Andres Iniesta.

Pedri is innocent. All he wants to do is play and maximize his chances. For his brave efforts, he won the Euro Young Player Award for the tournament.

Almost the same thing happened at the recently completed Tokyo Olympics. Luis de la Fente was more willing to replace him than the other two, but he still started all the games in Japan and the majority of his teammates were up to Seven.

As always, he says, like his personal mantra, he’s okay and not tired, but his eyes and feet tell a completely different story. He was clearly less capable of pushing himself into the match, and over time his overall presence diminished.

As mentioned earlier, such behavior can be explained by the mere fact that when he was young, his greatest desire was to play. Nevertheless, this should be treated with caution on his part, and some he did not adopt at all.

The mere fact that Pedri is an adult does not mean that he should be completely autonomous in making decisions as big as he already has in his career. The proper risk of burnout is that it has taken the same start as each career and has mercilessly devoured others, and no matter how much he promises, it will bother him. May become.

Jack Wilshere was touted by England as the next big thing.After a great start in his professional career, he Overplay.

Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney are two other players who may not have achieved as much brilliance as they can have after dropping their careers.

Careers are often shortened due to poor management. (Photo via adult)

Pedri needed good advice from his seniors, but was told to maintain the bad habits he had already practiced. The voice of one of his aides did not ask him to rest, and with his fiery desire to play, of course, he did not.

The break was never a word in his vocabulary, and now he pays for his decision, but it didn’t happen entirely alone, so there’s no need to pick him out.

Case of poor management

It is true that Pedri showed little desire to take a break, but these decisions were not made unilaterally. After all, players only appear in matches that the manager wants.

If they feel they deserve a break when confronting the low-risk opposition, the starter can rest for a few minutes to refresh for the next encounter. Not a pedori.

In just 10 and a half months of soccer, 73 games were played in 6 tournaments. It is the cross that Ronald Koeman, Luis Enrique, and his U-23 counterpart Luis de la Fente threw on the shoulders of their young disciples.

Of course, most of this accusation belongs to club-level managers. He was at the center of at least 50 of these appearances.

Koeman kept staring at him as he knocked himself out for each game that 18-year-old Pedri passed. (Photo via adult)

When it comes to Barcelona, ​​Koeman couldn’t argue that the use of Pedri, which many of the football Twitter spheres jokingly dubbed as child abuse, came from a lack of choice. Dutch coaches have free access to one of the best football academies in the world. Actively chose not to use the treasure trove of resources in it..

The names from Riqui Puig, Alex Collado to Jund Olerana (reportedly moved to Central Midfield at Cooman’s request) were business-to-business transactions, but were not considered an option. bottom. Eventually he went with Ilaix Moriba, who is now gone, but this was all said and only towards the end of the domestic season.

Even though Pedri was dragging Weney across the Camp Nou lawn, the Dutch did their best to get as much as they could from their 18-year-old child. In last season’s edition of LaLiga, he appeared in all but one game. Again, this happened on the last day of the season when the team had nothing to lose.

Pedri played all the high-strength fixtures and devoted everything to the badge, but more time to charge the battery for all of him to be the best that can be consistently offered. I needed it. He rushed back to a match that didn’t need to be played immediately, and his out-of-control situation robbed him of a very necessary holiday.

A slight rotation to give him a rest and unforgivable laziness for those who would have slotted into his spot almost seamlessly were the themes of his season.

The same was true for the other two managers.As mentioned earlier, Enrique called him Everything except 1 minute In the euro, in the last 60 seconds he was able to take a breather when La Roja lost to Italy in the semi-finals.

Even Thiago Alcantara, arguably a world-class midfielder and an asset of a position-soccer team, was of little use to the former Barcelona coach.

Exaggerated, he was once again, and worse, by the youth manager. Given his background, he would think he would do a better job in allocating time for Pedri to rest, but even he didn’t care too much. Barcelona gave Pedri some time to rest and directly asked him to miss the Olympics, but their words were deaf.

It’s pretty ironic that everyone wanted a part of him, and now, despite their vast cumulative experience in managing young people, because of their irresponsible behavior, who Can’t even have him.

Barcelona and Spain need to be dealt with without one of the most important players. (Photo via adult)

Future method

The road to hell is paved in good faith, And this is not as well explained as in the case of Pedri and his manager. It’s clear that his talent is everything and the miscellaneous things are what he wants to take advantage of, but at the same time they need to know the best way to prevent them from disappearing altogether.

None of these managers can complain about the lack of choice in the midfield. Therefore, there is no excuse for their lack of depth. Gavi, Carlos Soler, Riqui Puig, and even Sergi Roberto can easily interrupt the dynamics Of these managers, not when the need arises

Pedri has only one career as a professional soccer player. While enthusiastic about playing, repeating the same Mannerism can bring a premature end to what can be a very beautiful story. He should develop a better sense of when to stop and take a break, and his manager should better manage him and his minutes because it is their role.

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Opinion: Pedri and 1 year injury Opinion: Pedri and 1 year injury

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