Opinion: WandaVision does not need a “main villain”

Marvel fans are really crazy about WandaVision, and it’s certainly not hard to understand why. This series breaks new ground in MCUs and supports the small and bizarre story of Android and witches enjoying a quiet slice of the suburbs, away from traditional big-screen superhero dramas. Even though the series is almost over, we’re just beginning to understand the essence of this comedy-flavored Twilight Zone and Wanda’s role in creating it. As fans continue to choose each episode and understand the many clues and teasings, one question emerges above all. Who is the real villain here? Is Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness (also known as “Agnes”) really a malicious string puller in which she appears? Are there other more powerful bad guys who dominate Agatha, like Nightmare, Mephistopheles, and Kuton? However, there may be other questions that Marvel fans should ask themselves. In fact, does WandaVision need to have a villain?

MCU Supervillain Formula

As MCUs have become popular and acclaimed over the last decade, they are not without storytelling flaws and failures. These movies and TV shows have a particularly frustrating wording from the beginning. In every MCU project, having a hero fight the exact opposite seems almost instinctual. Iron Man vs. Iron Monger. Ant-Man vs. yellow jacket. Daredevil vs. Daredevil costumed man. In almost all cases, each of these stories ends without culminating in a flashy, VFX-intensive final battle where the protagonist faces a villain who acts as a twisted reflex in both power and motive. I can’t let you.

That doesn’t mean that this formula doesn’t have its benefits, or that it didn’t bring some great stories. Watch Eric Killmonger steal the Michael B. Jordan scene at Black Panther 2018. And in the rare cases where the MCU promises to develop a hero archiver in the process of Loki in some films, La Tom Hiddleston, the results are satisfactory. But too often, the MCUs focus on one-off villains and struggle to end all new movies in an epic battle between a hero and his twisted opponent.

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