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Organize your playlists and improve Spotify instantly

To be honest, how often do you listen to the “Sit on a park bench and judge geese silently” playlist anyway? (Blaz Erzetic / Unsplash /)

Spotify has changed a lot since it was released over a decade ago. If you’ve been streaming songs for years, like me, the odds are your track library and your playlists are completely confusing. I had over 200 playlists, most of which I hadn’t listened to for years. All that confusion made listening to music a pain in the ear, but there is an easy way to fix it.

A quick note: It’s much easier to organize using your desktop or web app. Some features, such as creating folders for playlists, are not available on mobile. Also, you need to tap a few times to do what you can do with a single right-click.

Evaluate and eliminate

This is the most difficult step. Not because it’s particularly difficult (although it may take some time), but because you have to confront your past musical tastes. It turns out that there is a playlist of all Macklemore & Ryan Lewis tracks released before 2014. It’s not about me anymore. God only knows what fear you have to deal with.

But that has to be done.

Take a look at the playlists you have and see what’s there. Remove stuff that is half-built, shared with the original romantic partner, or otherwise unwanted. There were some full album-only playlists as it was the only way to save them for easy access on Spotify.

To delete a playlist on your desktop or web app, right-click on the playlist and Delete (If not created Removed from library).In the mobile app, tap the playlist and press 3 small dots, Then touch Delete..

If you have some old playlists that you haven’t heard but can’t put in the Trash, set up an archive folder. I had one or two playlists I created (including a collection of pop-punk national anthems with “Anthem” in the title) and I couldn’t get rid of them.

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As mentioned earlier, folders can only be created on the desktop or web app. Right-click on the playlist sidebar and Create a folder.. Give it a name such as “Archive” or “Music Mistake”, then drag and drop the playlist that cannot be deleted.

Devise a playlist plan

Getting rid of dusty, unfinished, unheard playlists is only the first step. The point of this Spotify spring cleanup is that it ends up with a collection of easy-to-read playlists that are worth listening to. To get there, you need to think about what “there” means to you.

Personally, I like long playlists that just shuffle. The more songs in the playlist, the less likely it is to repeat. My Pop Punk Faves playlist For example, it is about 20 hours long.

I also like to create short playlists that are inspired by a particular person or thing. It’s like giving yourself a private mixtape.

Some people like to create seasonal and monthly playlists, but my musical tastes are a bit too diverse to work well.Difficult to have Deadly bizuru And Emily Burns In the same playlist. But if curating the sounds of spring, summer, autumn, and winter seems good to you, it’s another way to stay organized.

The nice thing is that if Spotify has a messy playlist section, there’s also a perfect library of things that won’t work. Look at the playlists you created many years ago but are still listening to, and compare them to the playlists you created at the same time but are now ignoring. It will give you a good idea of ​​the type of strategy you should adopt.

I realized that I could manage it well with fewer and longer playlists, so I reduced the pile of over 200 playlists to as many as 12 large buckets.

That said, it’s a good idea to create one playlist that acts as a kind of inbox for storing random songs. Even if you don’t quickly settle on the perfect song, it’s useful to hide the song you want to add to your playlist somewhere.

Find playlists created by others

If you’re having a hard time creating a playlist that you want to listen to for weeks or months or more, you have a fundamental idea. Please do not create.

I started making lots of playlists with great intent, but then … I added only a handful of songs. Running a playlist with only my favorite pop-punk songs seemed like a good idea, but it didn’t work.Instead I use Spotify’s Run Punk, Run! playlist. I’m running out of songs to add and some tracks to remove, but they’re pretty close.

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Spotify has its own playlist Home home You can find them by digging into the pages, or the different moods within look for Tab (it’s Browse On the desktop app).If you’re looking for something more specific, check it out A community for sharing Spotify playlists. r / Spotify subreddit It’s also quite active with people sharing spectacular playlists.

To add someone else’s playlist to your library, open the playlist in Spotify and click or tap it. Heart icon..

In fact, there’s nothing that you can’t copy a playlist completely and use it as a base.If not enough Zebrahead On Spotify playlists, I’m really curious about the next month or two, but you can spin off and add them.

Use these apps to create new playlists

Select an artist, playlist length, and the generator will put together a list of songs.

Select an artist, playlist length, and the generator will put together a list of songs. (John Kennedy /)

If you don’t want to leave the music you’re listening to to Spotify’s brain or randos on the internet, check out some of the automatic playlist creation tools built with Spotify.

  • Smarter playlistsIs an advanced tool that allows you to “combine different music sources” to create new playlists. You can mash up artists, albums, and other playlists and filter them by mood, beats per minute, length, and other attributes.
  • playlist generatorGet 3 artists and the required number of tracks and quickly create a new playlist.
  • MagicPlaylist Is similar to the tools on, but creates playlists from a single song.

You can also revisit Spotify’s auto-generated playlists such as Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. It may be a little repetitive if you listen to it all the time, but it’s always easy to get in and out.

Check out the “This Is” playlist

The deleted playlist chunk was an attempt to put together all the great songs by a particular artist in one place. I love blink-182, but some of their really early ones are a bit rough, so I tried to create a playlist of the songs I wanted to hear. Thankfully, Spotify recognizes the wisdom of this approach and has an auto-generated “This Is” playlist for most artists.

All “this is [Artist Name]”playlist(This is for blink 182) There are the latest, best, and most popular tracks of that artist, but no bad back catalog. You can find them on most artists’ pages.

Sort by folder

Playlist folders are a strange Spotify feature. You can only create it on your desktop or web app, but it will appear in your mobile app. Unfortunately, we can’t provide cover art, so they all have the same folder icon, which can be difficult to distinguish.

While it would be convenient to store your playlists in a set of folders that deserve an ugly mobile user interface, such as gym music or people’s playlists, mileage can be different.

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To create a folder, right-click on the playlist sidebar and Create a folder.. Once you give it a name, you can drag and drop it into your favorite playlist. If that’s you, you can also nest folders.

Get used to Spotify’s library features

As I’ve said several times, many of the terrible playlists I’ve been cluttering with have been attempts to avoid Spotify’s early lack of functionality. With the removal of Spotify’s 10,000-track library limit, you now have more options for storing artists, albums, and songs.

Of the library[アーティスト]Click or tap to add an artist to the section To follow On that artist’s page.

Of the library[アルバム]Click or tap to add an album to the section. Heart icon On the page of that album.

Spotify recently removed the songs section of its library so that all your favorite songs are now in your Likes playlist.Tap or click to rate the song Heart icon Next to the page that appears.

Organize your playlists and improve Spotify instantly Organize your playlists and improve Spotify instantly

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