Ori and the Blind Will Xbox Series X Review

Eight months after its first release, Ori and Will of the Wisps received some impressive technical upgrades on the Xbox Series X and Series S. The optimized version of the game reaches 60-120 frames / sec, which is very smooth in both next generations. Consoles of various resolutions. This is a big resurgence for games that were initially exposed to strange technical issues. In the next generation, Ori will remove the graphic hangs and make it more impressive.

Both consoles have a “performance” mode that prioritizes frame rates and a visually conscious “fidelity” mode, but neither feels like a compromise. For Series S, you can choose between 1080p with 120fps HDR or 60fps upscaled 4K. In Series X, you can choose to play the game in 4K using HDR at 120 fps, which is performance-focused, or goose the graphics at supersampled 6K resolution running at 60 fps using HDR. Regardless of your settings, Will of the Wisps will also benefit from extended load times and increased audio fidelity.

For those who are confused by the idea of ​​playing Xbox One era games in 6K, process the image at a higher resolution and then compress it to the resolution of your TV or monitor. Did you know that when you multiply the screenshot by 10 times, the screenshot becomes blurry? It’s like the opposite … but it happens in real time because it’s a video game, not a still image. All you need to know is what you are playing when using 6K mode with the Will of the Wisps, rather than actually playing in 6K. is When played, you’ll get a visually better boost than the standard 4K settings.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Xbox Series X

In anecdotal, eye-based terminology, the colorful forests of Ori’s business hours look better in 6K mode. Environmental factors such as flowers hanging on the wall and thorny spikes protrude more sharply against the background. These are small enough differences that you probably won’t notice in a tough platform challenge. But if you stop and look around, you will appreciate what you are seeing. Will-o’-wisp looks incredible even in 4K. Colorful, lively and sharp. If you want to get the best visuals out of the Series X, or if you don’t have a TV or monitor that can render 4K and HDR at 120fps like me–6K is a bit of fidelity nudge.

By the way, let’s talk about performance. When Will of the Wisps was first released, it suffered from some technical setbacks, such as stutter and screen tearing due to frame rate mismatches. Not only did these issues go away, the game set a high standard for technical performance. The animation is smooth and smooth at 60 frames per second. During the first four hours, I didn’t see any temporary problems. As mentioned above, I’ve tested 6K / 60Hz mode, but I ran 4K / 120Hz performance mode on a TV that maximizes at 60Hz, so I can’t prove the fare when pushing in performance mode.

Beyond that, Ori and Wisp’s will remains an incredible action platformer. As Steve Watts explained earlier this year, “Oli is a Metroidvania on the surface, but Will of the Wisp is less focused on exploration and backtracking than is common in this genre. Usually the purpose. Is clear and linear, with shortcuts scattered throughout the environment. You’ll be back in the main path soon. ”Will of the Wisps streamlines exploration and puzzle-intensive gameplay to make it easier. It maintains the original tight and elegant platform and brings the same accuracy to the extended combat system. “In the middle of the game, I realized that I was better at connecting platforming and combat skills. I dashed the threat in the air with the rhythm of ballet, bounced, and almost touched the ground until the screen was cleared. I didn’t, “says Watts.


The Will of the Wisps has always been an impressive visual showpiece, despite its technical flaws initially. It’s easier, and while the combat-rich stream may still put off the original Ori enthusiasts, there are small pitfalls for games that retain their identity while finding new streams. Most importantly for Series X and S upgrades, next-generation hardware proudly transforms one of the original weaknesses of the Will of the Wisps, which is commendable.

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