Orlando Bloom’s bizarre look tells the secret story of Legolas

It’s easy to find screenshots of Orlando Bloom with a weird look in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In fact, it’s effectively a meme. And even if we remove all the examples from Orlando Bloom’s goofing, which is an expression in the middle of the movement, or actually set in a behind-the-scenes footage, there are a lot of very strange expressions from our blondes. Elven friends.

2021 commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings movie, and it was hard to imagine exploring the trilogy in one story. So, every Wednesday of the year, we go back and forth to find out how and why the film has endured as a modern classic. This is the year of the polygon ring.

Then there is the read of the row. “The red sun is rising. Blood has spilled tonight,” he said with a strong, straight face. The Peter Jackson trilogy Legolas gives off the strange childhood atmosphere of the person who seems to be constantly surprised at what’s happening around him, but also has a layer of curiosity, perhaps even entertainment. I will. He projects the feeling that he is away from what is happening, and he projects the feeling that he has no idea what is happening.

Many would argue that this was Bloom’s natural embarrassment, as he appeared in his first major filmmaking two days after graduating from drama school.That reading may be true, but it is Also Paradoxically, a perfect reading about JRR Tolkien’s Legolas, very old and very young, who has never been anywhere in his life or met anyone.

Legolas is a lovely country boy

Upon arriving at the Ring Fellowship, Legolas looks around Rivendell.

“Take me home … country road … in that place … I believe … MIRKWOOD FORESS STTT”
Image: New Line Cinema

This is Legolas when we first met him, looking around Rivendell as if he had never seen a flashy elf. This is because he hasn’t. He came from, in a nutshell, the least flashy elf society in Middle-earth.

This may sound strange, as Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie shows that Legolas’ dad is fighting on a perfectly sharp elf, wearing a gold sword, but this may sound strange, but a dark forest elf. Is not the most ethereal variety found in the Road of the Era, the story of the ring. The people of Elrond and Galadriel have lived much closer to the gods of Middle-earth than to Legolas. It is reflected in their way of doing things, their clothes and their architecture.

Moreover, Legolas’ father Thranduil is the ruler of isolationism. His people are isolated in dangerous forests and they simply don’t go out too much or welcome many visitors. Legolas are 11 children, the equivalent of children who grew up without cable TV, pop music, or encounters with strangers by their parents. Like any fellowship, he participated in the ring quest. The main reason is not because he was already a great hero, but because he was a talented person who was in Rivendell when the group was gathering.

Legolas is a baby

Another most striking line of Legolas is when you’re obviously stepping into a very old forest, saying confidently and enjoying it … it’s old.Compare this moment with Tolkien’s full line Two towers: “[Fangorn] Old, very old. […] I haven’t felt since traveling with the kids, so almost I’m old enough to feel young again. ”

As you know, Legolas is accustomed to being the youngest man in the room. Tolkien did not specify his age, but Legolas had never been to Lothlórien before the fellowship came, so the shadows of the dark forest were in jeopardy and a trip between Thranduil and the kingdom of Galadriel was made. It can be said that it was born after the interruption. That was about 2000 years ago.In context, Legolas’s dad lived during the First Age, so he’s done 600,000 Year old.

This is the Legolas dichotomy. To humans, he is immeasurably old. But for the elf, he’s a little baby with no life experience and has never left home.And he always Elves do not die, so they become small babies, princes who never become kings.

You can’t kill Legolas in a critical way

Legolas slides down the trunk of Mumakil and looks confused.

Do you want to kill the whole elephant? What is difficult?
Image: New Line Cinema

The Legolas lines of Orlando Bloom may feel like everyone around him is looking at each other with an international look, “Is this guy true?” But when the tomb where his friend’s bones are buried is sanded by the elements, Legolas still sits on the beach and drinks wine.

In a very realistic way, what happens around Legolas is almost nothing important to him. Elves can be killed, but they can’t really die. Without fully explaining the immortal work of elves, death does not separate them forever from their loved ones or prevent them from returning to Middle-earth.

Legolas has no personal experience of death. In this area, the choice Bloom made for Legolas is perfect pitch. As the fellowship leaves Moria, weeping at the man and weeping the fallen leader Gandalf, Legolas looks like this:

Legolas looks almost confused as Gandalf dies in the Ring's Fellowship and the rest of the Fellowship collapses in tears.

Did Gandalf die? Sounds like a fake, but it’s okay.
Image: New Line Cinema

This is the person who has literally I didn’t know who died before. He doesn’t know what the people around him are doing, let alone whether he should.

Here he reacts together in the moving last moments of Aragorn and Boromir:

Legolas encounters Aragorn, who has suffered the deadly wounds of Boromir. He looks vaguely sad, but almost confused.

“Oh, they’re doing what humans do, what is it called …?’Dead?'”
Image: New Line Cinema

Perhaps the most emotional thing Legolas shows in the whole trilogy is when he discusses with Aragorn the wisdom of retreating to Helmsdeep. The acceptance of their death by all these already short-lived people, including his close friends, deeply plagues him. It’s as if he wants to grab Aragorn with a collar. You will die in real life????? “

From the complete turmoil over the end of Gandalf to Helms Deep The return of the king When he smiles at the idea of ​​dying alongside a dwarf, Legolas’ education on the nature of mortality may be closest to the story arc he has nothing to do with Gimli.

Philippa Bowens, Peter Jackson, and Fran Walsh were the scriptwriters for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, none of which had time to unpack — the immortal work of the elves, the upbringing of Legolas. , His age. There’s too much to do, and Legolas is a too minor character. (Even Tolkien himself admitted that the elf “probably did the worst” of the nine members of the fellowship. Catastrophic burns.)

But they didn’t even leave it on the floor of the cutting room. Peter Jackson relies almost entirely on Bloom’s acting (his confused look and serious intonation) to convey all these ideas. Bloom’s face conveys paradoxical attachment and separation. He is obsessed with the humans he grew up in, but is fundamentally separated from the human world because they understand it. Sometimes the best way to play an aloof, airy being is to look like a weirdo.

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