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Ortom prosecutes FG over Nigeria’s anxiety

Governor of Benue Samuel Ortom said the administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari has contributed to security challenges both in the state and across the country.

Ortom revealed this in an interview with the Arise TV Morning Show on Wednesday.

He said the federal government hasn’t done enough to check for looting Fula herders who kill indigenous Nigerians.

Ortom emphasized that recent attacks on the state by militia Fula herders have something to do with their agenda for occupying the entire country.

Ortom said: “Not just for specific local governments, but for the whole state, the whole country, Nigeria.

“Tell me where else you are. It was Zamfara, where the Hausa people lived and the Fulani decided to take over the land.

“In Kaduna, where the indigenous people were either traditionalists or Christians, they are now being hijacked.

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“Is it the southeastern or median strip that the Fula have decided to take over and have been actively supported by President Muhammadu Buhari’s current government?”

The Governor further said that the PDP had treated the Governor of Rivers and Niisomwick, a former presidential aspirant of the party, badly.

He encouraged leadership People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Go to Wyke and appeal to him.

“Why do you call Wyke, you have to go to him.

“When people left the party, Wyke was standing on the ground. It was Wyke who brought me back to PDP when I was mistreated.

“He returned me to PDP in 2015. You treated Wyke badly. The national party should go to him and appeal to him. He is second only to Atiku.”

The governor was also released by security guards who arrested alleged armed herders who attempted to assassinate him on his farm in the Tyo-Mu community near the capital city of Makuldi on March 21, 2021. It revealed that.

Ortom added: “The federal government is competing with the anxieties that are happening in my state. The day the federal government wants to stop anxiety, they hold a security summit that presents facts about what I’m doing. call.

“Even when I’m talking to you, the Furani militias who attacked me a year ago have been released. The criminal hasn’t been brought to the book.”

Ortom prosecutes FG over Nigeria’s anxiety Ortom prosecutes FG over Nigeria’s anxiety

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