OS Weekly Summary, catching up with sports game news (December 6-12, 2020)

Every Sunday, we bring you news on sports games that you may have missed during your busy week. This includes the latest videos from the content team and feature articles from staff.

Sports game news

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We were busy posting the next generation video of Madden 21 on YouTube over the weekend. I posted a comparison of the next generation and the current generation of Madden. I also posted a complete gameplay video between Bucs and Patriots. Another complete game we posted was the next generation Madden 21 Snow Game between Bears and Ravens.

Prince finally checked in to see all the new crowd interactions in the next generation NBA 2K21. Here, he goes through all the NBA 2K21 next-generation stadiums.

Operation sports feature article

The wait is finally over. After months of expectations for what EA will offer for the next generation of FIFA 21, and relatively silence, EA will throw us bones and for those lucky enough to get the next generation of systems. We released FIFA 21 one day earlier. Take the pitch without delay and see what all the turmoil is in the FIFA 21 Next Generation Review.

Many of us are launching the next generation of powerful game consoles, so we want to revisit games that have been upgraded to PS5 / Xbox Series X and games that haven’t used the new game but are still trying to use it. thought. hardware. Obviously, the library of racing titles on both the PS4 and Xbox One is large, so we’ve got two titles that actually received an extended upgrade for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and three that weren’t, but very many. I narrowed it down to the title. It is still popular today.

Lift Off: Drone Racing is a game that never hides surprises. You get what the name suggests you get: a drone racing game. Is it a realistic drone racing game? I think it’s a question for real drone professionals, but I’m not. But I’m a fan of video games of all genres, including racing. This is billed as a drone game, but it is also billed as a racing game. So, as a fellow racing game fan, do you think drone racing is worth your time? Unless you’re also a drone enthusiast, the answer is probably no, but let’s explain why in this Lift Off: Drone Racing review.


I didn’t know what to expect from this Handball 21 review. Yes, I knew the sport started in Berlin, Germany in the early 1900s (thanks to Wikipedia!). And sure, we all did it once or twice in elementary school. You may have come across some highlights here and there while skimming through the sports channels. But even at the Olympics, I don’t know if I’ve ever sat down and watched a handball game.

Like most sports titles in the last few years, in-game slider settings have become an increasingly important and useful in-game tool for people. Now, the sight of all these freely available sliders and options can be overwhelming for many, but the perfect slider setting is the most realistic or unrealistic possible, depending on what you’re looking for. Helps you create a realistic gameplay experience. Over the past few years, EA Sports has included the ability to customize skill levels, how often penalties are called, and even how fast the game is played. Include these elements in the NHL21 sliders and settings.

Sony hasn’t given much love to people in franchise mode for at least two years. This year we had access to the online league and the “Create Team” feature. That’s great, but it didn’t really have a big impact on the actual franchise mode experience, other than making the fictional league a little more fun. There was no stadium builder to actually sing that feature. However, since these documents are from Sony itself, it is possible for SDS to key in franchise mode here when jumping to the next generation.


Now that I have time to test MyNBA Online, it’s starting to look like 2K bit off than I can chew on the next generation. Some problems were expected with this new giant mode, but some of these problems are too big to ignore. MyNBA was teased as an all-in-one customizable franchise mode that combined MyGM and My League. You can even play with your friends online in a highly customizable franchise game mode. There are some concerns throughout the community about its features, which have not yet been addressed. Below are some of the key issues surrounding MyNBA Online with friends in the NBA 2K21 MyNBA Online Bug Report.

When I was ten, my parents bought a second-hand pool table from a family friend for $ 100. It took six people to bring it into our basement. I was very excited to have this new member in my family. I thought I would soon become a billiard master. Simply put, that didn’t happen. I played it a few times and got rid of the table before it broke. But in this short time, it stimulated my interest in billiard video games. And that interest continues to this day. That’s why I was excited to do a Pure Pool review because the game is on Switch and costs $ 15.

Pure pool

Few games have a reputation for Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series. Football Manager, a benchmark that measures all sports management simulation games, is back in 2021 with some improvements in launch. Sure, it’s been a while since I played Football Manager, but thanks to some clever design choices, I felt accustomed to the newly found managers. Enter the review of Football Manager 2021.

The wait was long and the information was sparse, but a few months after confirming that the “free” Madden 21 “extended” upgrade was in progress, we finally got the next generation Madden 21. Was this upgrade worth the wait? It’s not an easy question to answer, so let’s talk about it in the next-generation review of Madden 21.

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