OS Weekly Summary, catching up with sports game news (November 22, 2020-November 28, 2020)

Every Sunday, we bring you news on sports games that you may have missed during your busy week. This includes the latest videos from the content team and feature articles from staff.

Sports game news

Operation sports video

Our own Brian Mazique and Matt Ederer gathered in some kind of video podcast (no podcast part) prior to next week’s release to create a next-generation breakdown of Madden 21. Brian calls this new series franchise mode.

Operation sports feature article

Next Generation NBA 2K21 Issues

Everyone was clearly hoping for the next generation of NBA 2K21 issues. 2K is usually wrestling with the online components of new games and has the additional problem of being on new hardware. Also, the supply of next-generation consoles is currently limited, making the 2K series a more malicious year than at least two seasons. At the same time, the next-generation preview was exciting a lot of us, so we competed for a lot of excitement and a lot of luggage launches based on our recent long-term history.


If you’re one of the lucky ones to secure a next-generation console, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear the news about what the next-generation sports game will look like. It has always been difficult for the EA to measure, as NBA 2K sets the standard and draws some good reviews from OS compatriots. Information about Madden was released late last week, but we had to wait until November 24th to get a peek at what’s waiting for FIFA 21. Now I have time to understand what EA is planning for next-generation FIFA. 21, it’s time to see if it’s worth the wait in our FIFA 21 Next Generation Preview.

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