OS Weekly Summary, catching up with sports game news (November 29-December 5, 2020)

Every Sunday, we bring you news on sports games that you may have missed during your busy week. This includes the latest videos from the content team and feature articles from staff.

Sports game news

  • NBA 2K League Announces Winter Cla $ h, Chip Off $ 35,000 Prize Pool on Friday
  • Cyber ​​Monday Sports Game Sale: Here are our recommendations
  • Maintenance of the Madden NFL21 server is scheduled for tomorrow, December 1st, at 7:00 AMEST.
  • WWE 2K Battleground for $ 12.74
  • NBA 2K Mobile Season 3 arrives today with new features and a long-term partnership with Kevin Durant
  • DBG NBA2K21MyTeam Starter Guide
  • Madden NFL 21 patch available – includes gameplay tweaks, new superstar abilities, new X Factor player and more – patch notes
  • NBA 2K21 Patch Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4-Updated Player Similarity, Winter Vacation on 2K Beach-Patch Note
  • Super Mega Baseball 3 Patch # 5 Available Today – Online League Updates, Many Improvements and Fixes – Patch Notes
  • The WRC 9 update arrived on December 7th, featuring the GR Yari Slurry Concept, a brand new co-driver mode and more.
  • Rocket League Season 2 arrives with player anthem on December 9th
  • A new solo event coming to the WWE Supercard tomorrow

Operation sports video

We’ve compiled a comparison of FIFA 21 graphics that show that next-generation gameplay is rising compared to current-generation gameplay.

If you want to see the next generation of FIFA 21 full games in all of the glory of 4K, this might be a good option. Wembley will face Manchester United in the FA Cup final. This is a world class AI vs AI game. As the team enters the stadium, you can see new pre-match introductions. You can also see the new default camera view in the next generation of FIFA 21.

If you want to see humans on the stick, not just AI vs. AI games, Brian will show you that aspect of FIFA 21 next-generation gameplay. He uses the “Dynamic Difficulty” setting here, so EA is changing his experience as the game progresses in this Liverpool vs. Leicester City match. This is a complete 4K game and I hope this will help you measure things a bit more when learning about these next generation games together.

Brian posted the entire Madden 21 next-generation gameplay video here. This is an AI vs AI simulation game with a broadcast view between Bucs and Patriots.

I posted a 4K video of Madden 21’s next generation graphics comparison. It shows the current generation and next generation version of the game running on PS5.

Operation sports feature article

Welcome to the team, Break. (Also, be careful, I’m still in the current generation for now.) This is a very short and simple sentence to type, but the card itself took over my life. By slowly starting XP Grind in Season 2, I didn’t benefit from anything. So the last two weeks have been particularly intense to catch up. I always bought cards to get XP, and after a day I started to look back and sell them, so I had MT buy more cards. In my opinion, I didn’t even know if it was fun to play with these cards, or if something was good on the court, or if it defeated the purpose of the mode.

Like most sports titles in the last few years, in-game slider settings have become an increasingly important and useful in-game tool for people. Now, the sight of all these freely available sliders and options can be overwhelming for many, but the perfect slider setting is the most realistic or unrealistic possible, depending on what you’re looking for. Helps you create a realistic gameplay experience. Over the past few years, EA Sports has included the ability to customize skill levels, how often penalties are called, and even how fast the game is played. Include these elements in the NHL21’s realistic sliders and settings.

FIFA 21 Next Generation vs. Final Generation

All sports games require roster sharing or general “sharing” functionality. However, sports such as soccer, soccer, baseball and hockey are even more convenient due to the wide range of leagues and teams available. The unfortunate thing here is that only two of these sports, baseball and soccer, have high quality “sharing” capabilities. During this year’s pre-release, when we were informed that NHL 21’s roster sharing feature wasn’t there again, we had another stench, but that’s not the only cause here.

With almost all the information about the next generation of FIFA 21 and the game itself, we’re all embarking on this journey together. But is it justified to get excited about the next generation? Summarize all the biggest news you’ve got in the last two weeks, answer that question, and know everything if the next generation is plunging today.

When I first started writing this article, the details of what this leap into next-generation games would entail were sparse. There is no full video of the actual gameplay, and even some of the screenshots may have been enhanced to showcase the power of the system. Most of the information we got came from OS previews via Bob and EA developers.

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