OS Weekly Summary, catching up with sports game news (November 8-14, 2020)

Every Sunday, we bring you news on sports games that you may have missed during your busy week. This includes the latest videos from the content team and feature articles from staff.

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Operation sports video

So far the footwork has really stood out and the feint / pulled punches are also very impressive at this point. Some hook and punch visuals don’t last very long in this early stage, but there’s plenty of time to make improvements.

Operation sports feature article

Making a good sports game and making a good online sports game are two completely different efforts. While some may think that playing a great offline sports game online is a fairly straightforward process, there are big and small decisions to optimize its online experience, and these make the game as enjoyable as possible. It’s important to do. We take for granted the kind of variables that many series have spent a lot of time working properly over the years. These are essential, such as the quarter and duration of the game and the default difficulty, especially given the number of team sports. Some AI player is involved.

… No, probably not. But after a short break, can MyTeam see it again in the long run? Yes, definitely. And the main reason is simple.

In the past few weeks, in anticipation of the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, we’ve looked at the current number of games and how they have leapt from console generation to generation. We’ve talked about many of the major sports games that exist today, but there are some that didn’t appear on the PS4 or Xbox One. These games didn’t show up, not because the fans didn’t want them, but because it was a legally annoying issue.

Over the last two weeks, we have embraced many of the current generation of sports games and brought them to the next generation. We’ve played Madden, NHL, FIFA, and PES, and all of these games are somehow realistic and concrete. However, he then entered the what-if area with the next generation College Hoop 2K. And now we’re looking at the franchise we all want and hope to come back in the form of the next generation of NCAA football.

We’ve been looking at next-generation sports games and what we’ll know about them in previous releases, but we also wanted to take this next-generation launch week to look back at some of the best sports games that launched the console. It was a generation. Matt led here to see his top five launch sports games, and now I’m going to admire my own five strengths this week. I would like to start with a retrospective exhibition of the Madden NFL 2001. This is because we still consider this to be the greatest leap from generation to generation in history.

It’s clear that the 2K development team has done a fair amount of work in the hope of launching another genre-defining game. With almost all the information about the next generation and the game itself, we are all embarking on this journey.ether. But is it justified to get excited about the next generation? Summarize all the biggest news you’ve got in the last two weeks, answer that question, and know everything if the next generation is plunging today.

The world of video games welcomes next-generation consoles this week, but EA Sports has recently brought us an explosion from the past, or at least pre-ordering the latest version of EA’s long-running NHL series. .. If you pre-order NHL 21, you’ve recently been granted access to NHL 94, one of the most beloved sports titles ever hit in the console market.

After chatting about Madden 2001 on the PS2, doing a retrospective on the NBA 2K14 feels like a good game to move on, as it keeps chatting about some of the best console-launched sports games ever. After all, the Xbox Series X is out today and one of the major graphic attractions is the NBA 2K21. Returning to the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, the NBA 2K14 was also a graphical exhibit.

The last news released by 2K was that MyGM, MyLeague and MyLeagueOnline would be called MyNBA. This is potentially exciting news for franchise players who have been waiting for a mode that combines all three modes into one. In this mode, you can play the franchise mode as you like. This new mode gives you the option to combine role-playing elements into your franchise, using all the customizations provided by MyLeague. You can also create a league with your friends and run an online league with the same options.

NFL 2K intro screen

The world of wrestling got a lot of attention when some of the world’s top professional wrestlers got together and decided to make All Elite Wrestling. Since then, AEW has continued to grow in popularity. As AEW continues to grow, new attempts will begin to take shape. One of them is the AEW game.

So far this week we’ve talked about Madden 2001 and the NBA 2K14, but now we’re going to a retrospective exhibition of the NFL 2K. When it comes to important console launch sports games, nothing may be as important as NFL2K. Released in 1999, this moment was an important moment when Dreamcast was released before PS2. Therefore, this was the first view of “next generation” football. I remember going to a friend’s house at the time and not believing what he saw when he launched NFL2K. Presentations, graphics, gameplay, it was like watching a game on TV.

When thinking about how to write this SSX retrospective, I remember feeling like I was playing it on the Christmas morning when I got the PS2, leaving myself in the shoes of a little kid as usual. I definitely started playing Madden 2001 that morning and ended up playing SSX until late at night.

ssx retrospective exhibition

Like many of you, I spent most of the pandemic watching Netflix, catching up with the backlog of video games, and organizing my home. It was one of these organizational sessions that came across the old FIFA 14 disc for the Xbox One. As soon as I saw the disc, I was immediately put back in memory lane. I was sitting there fantasizing about FIFA 14, so I couldn’t help but remember the excitement surrounding the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. This is a similar experience that many of us are experiencing now with the launch of the PS5 / Xbox Series X. When I noticed, or perhaps one of my kids started shouting my name, I started thinking about why FIFA 14 on the Xbox One / PS4 became such a great foot title. This is a convenient way to end us. A retrospective of today’s “Best Console Launch Sports Games” series and my FIFA 14.

It’s an understatement to say that I’m disappointed with FIFA 21. Until its release, EA was extremely transparent in the Pitch Note series, raising expectations that it would have had little success (at least on the pitch). Career mode got some great upgrades, but gameplay on the pitch had some fairly obvious issues, such as the lack of midfield awareness by AI (both teammate AI and CPU). The sliders are working overtime to ensure a realistic experience that reflects what we value close to the heart of the OS, but the truth is that they don’t have to. is. Sure, issues such as positioning and falling out of the ball always require a little love and attention, but obvious issues shouldn’t fall to the feet of the community and be addressed. That said, FIFA 21 after the patch contains two major patches (Title Updates 3.1 and 4), so it’s time to see if FIFA 21 has improved.

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