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Oshinbaho lays the foundation for a luxury housing complex in Acwai Bomb

Vice President Yemi Osimbaho ​​laid the foundation for a luxury housing complex in Uruan, Akwa Ibom. Modern equipment such as backup gas power generation, broadband fiber optics for internet services, and certified water treatment plants are expected. According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also known as Dakadda Luxury Estate, the Fiber-To-The-Home facility offers as part of a smart city project promoted by MTNs across the country in collaboration with state governments to ensure increased bandwidth usage. It has been.

According to experts, the Fiber-to-The-Home project is expected to promote the spread of high-speed Internet and has the potential to impact real estate, customers, economic and social populations. Collected in the future.

Vice President Oshinbaho described housing as a major job creator, adding that the Dakada housing complex is strategic for business people and has a very large multiplier effect as there are real estate transactions to generate wealth. ..

He said the federal government is building 300,000 homes nationwide as part of its efforts to provide affordable housing plans to people, and so far the federal government has built more than 8.9 trillion N in national infrastructure. He added that he spent.

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Residential Acwai Bomb

The Vice President confirmed that the Federal Executive Council approved a railroad project from Lagos to Calabar passing through Uyo after approving the complete business case of Ibomb Deep Sea Port.

According to him, all federal-approved projects aimed at “establishing Acwai Bomb as a major industrial hub in the Gulf of Guinea as well as the country.”

He praised Governor Udom Emmanuel’s vision and was always pleased that he had previously visited the state and launched many industrial projects such as mills, gristmills, weighing companies and plywood mills. Said. In Acwai Bomb.

Earlier, Governor Udom Eammanuel said luxury housing estates were born out of the need to provide low-density housing units to people in shortages in the state following an influx of people from other states. ..

“The state government needs to create a new housing complex that is friendly to everyone, and 13 percent of the homes in the property are sold out, he added.

“Everything you need for luxury real estate is here. The water supply plan is certified by the World Health Organization and the electricity we will have comes from two sources. 15 MW of electricity Introduce a turbine and a central sewer system to produce

He said all the streets on the premises were lined with edible trees, giving them unique characteristics, and added that the state government had outsourced the planting of edible trees that would take effect as soon as the house was completed.

The Vice President also opened a 21-story building in the business district of the state capital, Uyo.

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Oshinbaho lays the foundation for a luxury housing complex in Acwai Bomb Oshinbaho lays the foundation for a luxury housing complex in Acwai Bomb

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