OSRS Splashing Guide-The Best Way to Train Magic Splashing

Old School RuneScape allows players to train Magic in a variety of ways. One of these methods is known as splashing. This training method casts combat spells when the player faces an enemy when the magic is too inaccurate. This doesn’t actually do any damage, but instead provides experience points to the player. There is much more to learn about this method. This is explained in this OSRS Splashing Guide.

The following guides cover the following:

  • Necessary equipment
  • Splash location
  • Prices and strategies

To get started, you need to know what equipment you need to start Splashing.

OSRS Splashing Guide-Required Equipment

To kick off, you first need to have an item that you can wear to have a magic attack of -64. For example, you can use a plate body or armor set that is entirely bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, or rune. It’s very helpful to have snakeskin boots, snakeskin vambrace, and elemental staff to reduce the runes needed for autocasting on these items.

Even if you’re not out of the 40 range, you can still get the magical attack you’re looking for by switching your Elemental Staff from Drainer’s Diango to Cursed Goblin Staff. If you are a member, you can use the Granite device to get the magical statistics you need, but avoid using the Granite body as it is better to use the Platebody in this case.

OSRS Splash Location Guide

Splashing can usually be used on monsters that can’t do enough damage to completely exhaust their health. With this magical training method, most players tend to use seagulls and mice. If you choose seagulls, you can find them at Port Piscaririus and Port Salim.

You can check the bestiary to find other monsters in the relevant locations, but there are some areas in Rambridge that you should avoid, such as the basement of a castle. The reason is that if the player’s magic is too low to damage the enemy, the spell will not provide experience in these areas. It is believed that this was introduced because many new players were confused by the huge amount of other players using splashing on their rats.

Splash pricing and strategy

Next, you need to find out the rate of each spell. Of course, there are certain spells that are far more useful than other spells. For example, you can use Level 1 Wind Strikes in Air Runes and Mind Runes. This gives you 6600xp per hour. Casting also costs money, and this cast rate is 8 coins. You can reduce costs by using elemental staff.

You can explore better spells as you enter later levels. Level 75 Firewaves require air, fire, and blood runes at a rate of 51,000xp per hour. At level 85, you can use Water Surge on Air, Water, and Wrath runes to increase slightly at 55,800 xp per hour. Earth Surge provides 58,200xp per hour with Air, Earth, and Wrath Runes, and Level 95 Fire Surge provides 60,600xp per hour with Air, Fire, and Wrath Runes. I will.

A formula worth mentioning is that each game tick is 0.6 seconds and the magical combat spell occupies 5 ticks. Therefore, in an hour, the player can cast 1200 combat spells. The raw cost of casting seen in the example above assumes runes that need to be purchased. Basic Elemental Staff costs, on the other hand, are the cost of Elemental Runes and Airoons used for wind-independent spells.

Splash of ancient magic

If you move to Ancient Magicks, you can start with Smoke Rush from level 50, have a base experience of 30, and use Chaos and Death runes, Air and Fire. With this strategy alone, you can earn 36,000 xp per hour. As with any spell, you can gain more experience as you level up.

For example, there are some ancient spells that you can use at level 80. Blood Blitz at this level can earn up to 54,000 xp per hour. Then there is the 55,200xpph Ice Blitz, followed by some effective barrage. Starting with a level 86 smoke barrage, 57,600xp per hour comes in, while a level 88 shadow barrage has 58,800 experience per hour. Level 92 Blood Barrage has 61,200 XP over 60,000 marks per hour and 94 at 62,400xp Ice Barrage.

Next, you need to consider the number of splashes needed to reach level 99. Spells such as Wind Strike will show a splash of 2,367,467 and will complete in 1973 hours. Alternatively, you can wait until you reach a higher level where you can use something like Fire Wave. The required splash is 317,135 times, which takes 264.3 hours. Fire surge is the best bet, with 301,246 splashes in 251 hours.


Therefore, using Splashing with Old School RuneScape can be a lot of headaches. There are many factors you should consider when trying to train magic this way. However, we hope that this OSRS Splashing Guide will serve as a good introduction to training Magic in this fairly unconventional way. There are specific gear requirements that you need to look at, which ultimately depends on your level, runes, and your ability to make the most of it. But with enough practice and a little research, you can get the most out of what is considered to be a very effective and unorthodox way to get as much magic training as possible. ..

OSRS Splashing Guide for Huge EXP Gains

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