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Jose Mourinho urged authorities to crack down on Jurgen Klopp as needed. Tottenham Hotspur host Liverpool In the Premier League on Thursday, there was a clash after other managers repeatedly claimed to be more tolerant of touchline behavior.

Spurs boss Clashed with Liverpool’s counterpart, Klopp, following a reverse fixture in December, Exchanged full-time angry words before Mourinho subsequently suggested: “If I behave the same on the touchline, I wouldn’t stay there.”

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Mourinho asked if he expected something different when the two teams faced each other again in northern London, not to mention Klopp’s name. “In my case, I felt the evolution. In my personal case, I felt the evolution of emotional control. I felt the evolution of the calm atmosphere, which made the game easier to read. I’m also happy that my assistant sometimes accesses the touchline to communicate and stay in a privileged position.

“And I felt I had to change my behavior. That’s what I’m really really happy about. That’s my personal case. I can’t speak for others.

“What I can talk about is that when I didn’t act well, I paid for it in two ways: one to watch the game on TV or in the dressing room, and the other to be a lot of money. It was a fine.

“And some of the others don’t think the same thing will happen to them, but if the referees and the fourth referee are there to do their job, I think they do their job. I hope they will act as they have. “

Mourinho has collected a fine of around £ 295,000 from the Football Association since its first administration. England In 2004, he also admitted that he wasn’t particularly close to Klopp, even though the two managed the team 12 times each other, dating back to October 2012.

“I do not have [Leicester City boss] Brendan [Rodgers’] Phone number like I have [Wolves manager] Nuno [Espirito Santo]”So yesterday I was able to send” Happy Birthday “to Nuno, but not to Brendan. So through you, Happy Birthday Brendan. Remember that my three birthdays, Nuno and Brendan, are all on the same day and I have friends on the same birthday.

“I’m not a friend of Jurgen because I didn’t have time with Jurgen. Nuno was my player [at Porto], Brendan worked in my club [Chelsea] For several years. So if you have something in common, or if you know the person well, “I like him, he is my friend” or “I don’t like him, he is my friend There is no such thing. “

“In the case of Jurgen, five minutes before and after the match. He’s a colleague I admire. I believe he’s okay and he’s the same as me. No problem at all.”

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Other managers are not punished like me Other managers are not punished like me

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