Other mods between us officially need to be added next

With Among Us adding roles like Sheriff and game modes like Hide and Seek, Innersloth needs to officially add more mods from the community.

Mod is a very popular part of Among us, A pop culture hit, Innersloth’s social deduction game. As more fans create mods, Indie Studios is now officially incorporating some modded content into the game. All of this is probably inspired by mods within the community.So which mods Innersloth should officially add? Among us Next?

Modified roles are arguably the most popular type. So it’s not surprising that Innersloth is adding. In a role like a scientist Among us In a future update. The sheriff role will be added soon-and it will probably work the same as the popular role mods already work. However, at this time it is unclear how these new roles will affect gameplay after they are officially released and whether they will be available in all game modes.

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In the future, Innersloth will also add a new game mode, Hide and Seek.Again, this is one of the most popular fan mods Among usSo it’s probably not so surprising to find that it will be officially added at some point.Even the latest one Lobby update for 15 people The game could have been inspired by mods that allow more users (up to 100 players at a time) to enjoy the round together.If this trend persists, there are many more mods that are officially added, inspired by Innersloth. Among us Next.

Mods that should be officially added next among us

The player character is wearing a witch hat at Among Us

While the new roles of scientists and sheriffs are likely to help the crew, Innersloth can add roles used by scammers. Mods with in-poster roles like vampires and witches are already popular and make interesting gameplay changes such as transforming into bats and easily jumping around the map.Adding a new scammer role is the next natural step Among us..

For new game modes, Let everyone vent Among us The official release will make an interesting choice. This will speed up gameplay, make the rounds heavier, and make it easier for the crew to escape the scammers (although Bent is no longer the exclusive ability of that role, making it harder to find scammers). ..

Similarly, more Horror-themed mode Among us, Probably inspired by 5 nights at Freddie’s Mods can also make gameplay more thrilling.So far, of course, Innersloth hasn’t seen anything other than the new sheriff and scientist roles and hide-and-seek mode, but these future additions will be made by the studio looking to the mods community. Prove that you are finding a way Among us More interesting and fun. Therefore, in the future, other mods may eventually become official content.

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Other mods between us officially need to be added next

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