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As mentioned earlier, WWE announced that the first RAW in 2021 on January 4th will be USA Network’s Legend Night. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Torrie Wilson, Beth Phoenix, Sgt. Slaughter, Curlyt, Mickie James, IRS, Tatanka, Michael “PS” Haze, Alicia Fox and more.

WWE currently has more than 20 Legends, Superstars, and Hall of Fame players featured in special episodes. The following is a list updated with the announcement of WWE’s Teaser.

* Alicia Fox
* Beth Phoenix
* Big show
* Boogeyman
* Booker T
* Candice Michelle
* Curly
* Hillbilly Jim
* Hulk Hogan
* IRS (Irwin R. Schyster)
* Jacqueline
* Jeff Jarrett
* Jimmy Hart
* Kurt Angle
* Mark Henry
* Melina
* Michael “PS” haze
* Mickie James
* Ric Flair
* Sgt.Massacre
* Tatanka
* Torrie Wilson

Live hosting Legend Night Live Monday, January 4, 2021

Get ready to ring one of the legendary nights in 2021.

Some of my favorite WWE Legends and Hall of Famers will be back at Raw Legends Night on Raw on the first Monday night of the New Year. The guest list is set to include two, Hulk Hogan from “The Immortal” and Ric Flair from “The Nature Boy”.

Will your favorite WWE Legend appear on this spectacular night?

I don’t know what surprises await when Raw Legends’ Night rang on 8 / 7C of USA Network in 2021 on Monday, January 4th.

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Other names advertised in Legends Night on Raw Other names advertised in Legends Night on Raw

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