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February 19th SmackDown gave us something that many of us didn’t expect we would see-Heel Otis Dozovic..

Or did you?

It was one thing that his Alpha Academy trainer, Chad Gable, suffered a disqualification loss because he gave him some practical instructions on how to defeat his beloved wrestling hero. Following that, Rey Mysterio had a splash after the bell.

But while these are definitely not good man’s actions, I don’t know if it should be said that Dozer has left the angel’s side yet.

My guy looks pretty confused in this fallout interview.

Here’s a man who lost his guaranteed title shot to a movie star who wanted to get stuck when his best friend turned him on. Just this week he had to see his (former?) Special female friend celebrating on another TV show with a chart-top musician. He hasn’t won a title in WWE’s career yet, and now he has a former Olympic athlete in his head, promising glory in exchange for what he already loves.

Otis has always been a simple man. steak. weight. Beer. Packers. And occasionally peaches. that’s it. If you can get those things and some glory according to Gable’s Alpha Academy way, it won’t make him a bad guy.

Moreover, if I’m right, my recent training partner, Daniel Bryan, can plunge into their story. Does anyone agree with Brian vs. Gable’s feud about who should lead Otis to the Promised Land?

Therefore, do not yet adapt the dozer to the scarlet “H”. He’s just getting bad advice and isn’t the sharpest tool in the hut.

Oh yeah?

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Otis is easy to operate, not the heel Otis is easy to operate, not the heel

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