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The 2019 World Rally Champion clipped the left front tire of his i20 Coupe WRC near the start of this morning’s opening Labreol-Serone special stage and suffered from a flat tire, resulting in 2nd place from 3rd to 5th. It has fallen.

To make matters worse, Tanak picked up a flat tire on the right rear in the next test, and last year he crashed from Saint Clement to Frisignier and plummeted to 14th place.

Tanak and co-driver Martin Jarbeohha put only one spare tire behind the i20 Coupe WRC and returned to service with deflated tires. Their late arrival also suffered a heavy penalty of 1 minute 50 seconds.

Due to the nature of the rules of Rally Monte Carlo, Tanak will not be able to resume tomorrow’s final leg.

“The first one was a puncture, which was my mistake,” he said. “Obviously, I was unaware. [the offending object] The wheel may have been damaged by hitting a stone or something during the wreck.

“In the second stage, there was a slow puncture from the beginning, apparently too long to return at that point. [to try and fight for a podium place] At a rally.

“I installed an already damaged wheel [on the front] A flat tire on the first stage to save a little on this tire and make a later road section, but it didn’t last long. There is nothing you can do. “

It’s been the second year in a row that Tanak has retired from a gap event set to leave him firmly on his hind legs early in the title battle.

“It’s like this,” he said of his no-score. “That’s right.”

Despite the retreat, Tanak said he is aiming to beat Toyota’s Carrero Bampera in three seconds after the first two stages on Thursday and rediscover its speed at the Arctic Rally Finland in February. I’m- New round to replace Rally Sweden canceled due to COVID-19..

“Let’s see what happens, but we always do our best,” he added.

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Ott Tänak accuses Monte Carlo retirement reconnaissance error Ott Tänak accuses Monte Carlo retirement reconnaissance error

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