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Otto Warfarin is in a big club of fighters who thought he had booked a fight, but he only sees the fight fail.

Heavyweight Warin (22-1, 14 KO) said he was loyal to his character and did not allow frustration to boil. So when the battle with Luis Ortiz didn’t happen, he remained ready and raided when a confrontation with Dillian White was offered.

“I did a lot of training,” said a 30-year-old Swede. “I was hoping for a bad fight in July. August was a tough month. I thought I was already fighting so I’ve been training since February. In September , We were told that we were offered Ortiz in November. “

Warlin said he was in favor of Ortiz’s offer, and then the fight was put on the table. Warlin remained positive and shared his mantra when frustrated by everyone outside the Ring Conspiracy. “There were at least two battles during the COVID period.”

Warin, trained by Joey Gamache, did not hesitate when White was thrown after his February victory over Dominic Breazeale. Let’s do it, Warin said. And they will be held on October 30th at the O2 Arena in London.

White, 33, holds a record of 28-2 (19 KOs) and will be a bulkier man in the battles screened at DAZN. The WBC interim heavyweight crown held by White is on the line.

“Honestly, White may be my favorite, but I think far more people are giving me shots than in the fight against Tyson Fury (2019),” Warin said. “This is a good time, so I don’t care about other people’s thoughts.

“One of the factors involved is that (Whyte) has participated in many wars, but I haven’t,” said the 6’5 “southpaw, who can rely on the basic foundation. Said. All slams. Frankly, few people can really brag about something close to learning “simple” skills, so the basics are more fighters than most people expect. You can go further.

I’m not saying that Wolin is really a rudimentary kind. He puts together some combos that go far beyond the beginner class. However, I think his skill set matches well with White, who knocked harder than Warlin.

Joseph Parker put White on the mat in the final round of the fight. And Derek Chisora ​​connected to the points he had on the card when White finished well with a round 11 stop victory in the rematch. Oscar Rivas, who is currently fighting in the “Bridgerweight” (new WBC division), put White on the mat in the ninth round of the collision. White looked past the prime minister when he couldn’t handle Mariusch Wach as smoothly as expected, and he later admitted it.White fell from £ 271 to £ 252 for his next test, which worked for Alexander Povetkin until he delivered a hilarious uppercut in Round 5. thisclose It was shut down by White, who sent Povetkin twice in Round 4.

In White’s final gig, he defeated Povetkin. Povetkin was characterized by less drama and trauma than usual. But who can tell me what all those knockdowns and clean connections took from White, Warin told me?

You understand the point — White is not a defensive wizard, but he is blessed with a chin that passes the test when checked. Warin isn’t really a power puncher, as his chin has become less supportive lately, but his hands can look much heavier if White’s beard is compromised by mileage.

“He’s a little older,” Warin said. “I saw it in the Battle of Povetkin. He has done a great job with his toughness, but boxing can have a more lasting effect as he gets older.”

But Warin hasn’t overlooked what White brings to the table.

“He’s a decent fighter, he has a decent jab, a good hook, he likes to go to the body,” he said. “Compared to Tyson Fury, he’s a pretty basic guy.”

It’s easier to find sparring that mimics White than in preparation for 2019’s Gipsy Kings.

“By participating in this battle, I think I will be a better, fresher, smarter fighter. I think I have faster, better defense and offense, and better footwork. In addition, his southpaw attitude is quite likely to abandon White, he said.

He hasn’t gone any further, but I’ll go there: Warin said he definitely participated in the recent Fury-Wilder contest.

“I thought Wilder might have worked a little better than I expected. He showed a lot of hearts, and his heart and power led him to battle. And what should Fury do next? He needs to mandate his WBC! It will be either me or White. “

Warin believes he will be in a position to be more concerned about what Fury will do next after October 30th.

“I’m happy,” he says. “I can’t wait to have a good show. I don’t even know if I’m at a professional peak. I feel like I’m always getting better, and I’m those who reach this level I haven’t participated in a really tough battle. “

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Otto Wallin: Dillian Whyte is old, hit me not Otto Wallin: Dillian Whyte is old, hit me not

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