Out Now: “Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead”, “First Tree”, “Moonlighter”, “One Night at Frump Tea”, “Toad Toad”, “Delight: Journey Home”, “Line Weight”, “Frog Hop” Game “‘more

With new mobile games appearing on the App Store every day, we’ve compiled a big old list of all the best new releases of the last 7 days each week. At the time, the App Store introduced the same games for a week and updated their features every Thursday. That’s why developers want to get into the habit of releasing games through Wednesday or very early Thursday and get one of these coveted feature spots. Today, the App Store is constantly updated, reducing the need for everyone to release everything on the same day. Still, it kept the format every Wednesday night as a time when people knew to check Touch Arcade for a list of new games. So don’t be afraid to check out the full list of new games this week below and let us know which one to pick up in the comments section!


Art restoration puzzle (free)

iTunes description

What is the most satisfying feeling in the world? Let’s get back the masterpiece! Genius artists painted them over 100 years ago. Over time, those wonderful paintings can no longer retain their original shape. You are an art collector who is passionate about restoring the quality of those precious paintings. You can successfully restore the masterpiece by rolling the colored ball and repainting all the damaged parts of the painting.

Forum thread: Art Restoration Puzzle (by Genix Lab)

Book of Beasts (free)

iTunes description

Book of Beasts is a multiplayer, free trading card game (CCG). Place cards on the board by smartly connecting Gems from Beast Cards. All cards on the shared battlefield can be used against you. Additional spell cards and deck building offer unlimited strategy and endless combat challenges!

Forum thread: Beast Book CCG (by Millform)

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead ($ 4.99)

iTunes description

Experience the fun of killing Walkers with the power of your brain!

Get ready for the ultimate mashup experience!Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a combination of Bridge Constructor’s legendary and challenging puzzle gameplay.™ With the apocalyptic zombie universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Forum thread: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead (by head-up)

DeLight: The Journey Home (free)

iTunes description

The story of Sammy, a girl who was blinded by the war, and her journey to find her deceased parents.
Play as Sammy and embark on a dangerous journey into the unknown with the help of the guide dog Deli … every decision you make will affect her destiny …

Forum thread: DeLight: The Journey Home (by Wexplore Games)

Dragon Blaze Classic (free)

iTunes description

A unique feature of this game is that you can choose one out of four Dragon Nights. It can make knight and dragon disembarkation attacks through dragon shots.
Defeat enemies with different attack patterns through mount and dismount.

Forum thread: Dragon Blaze Classic (by MOBIRIX)

First tree ($ 4.99)

iTunes description

First Tree is a third person exploration game centered around two parallel stories: a fox trying to find a missing family and a son reuniting with his estranged father in Alaska. Players control the fox on a bitter and beautiful journey to crescendo at the source of life, perhaps bringing an understanding of death. Along the way, players can discover artifacts and stories from their son’s life as he becomes entangled in the fox’s journey to the first tree.

Forum thread: First tree (by David Wehle)

Highway wrath: annihilated (free)

iTunes description

Freeway Fury: Alien Annihilation is the ultimate version of the popular arcade action game.

– Grab over 35 different vehicles and cause general mayhem.
– Perform various stunts to fill the nitro and fury meters.
– 13 different areas.

Forum thread: Freeway Fury: Annihilation (by Serius Games)

Frog hop game ($ 2.99)

iTunes description

A cute and quirky classic adventure platform game where a frog named Hoppy is looking for his frog friend Jumpy.

Swing yourself through the levels with your tongue ability to launch.

A huge array of gimmicks, enemies and obstacles. There is always something new to come across at each level.

Forum thread: Frog Hop Game (by Tiny Warrior Games)

Hello Pet House (free)

iTunes description

Step into the world of Hello Pet House! Help Jane collect pets and turn a ruined old house into a beautiful mansion. Step in and start your journey with your new friends, neighbors, and your first pet!

Hurry up and complete special cooking, gardening and crafting tasks in time to help refurbish and decorate your mansion space. Restore every corner of your house for cats and dogs while learning the skills of a chef, gardener and carpenter. The exciting world of Hello Pet House is free to play and cute fluffy pets are waiting for you.

Forum thread: Hellopet House (by Appxplore)

Hotrod: Speed ​​Boat Race Game (Free)

iTunes description

Welcome to the World of Top Fuel Hot Rods: Drag Boat Race!

This is the latest and most realistic speed drag boat racing game ever created, all available on iPhone devices. Customize every aspect of your build down to the pistons … Start with in-depth engine simulation!

Forum thread: Hotrod: Speed ​​Boat Race Game (by Studio Pareidolia)

Line thickness (free)

iTunes description

Lineweight is a whole new experience for Cipher Prime. Each of its five chapters presents a story with a particular emotional focus, illuminated by the distinctive styling of a studio of color, light and music. Every moment, words and images are swiped and you can’t wait to combine storytelling and graphic design and share them in a unique union.

Forum thread: Line thickness (according to Cipher Prime / The Label)

Maze thief puzzle (free)

iTunes description

Deep in the ancient tombs, he lied to many treasures to plunder. Aladin is a skilled thief who wants to change his life by entering the tomb and collecting all these treasures. Unfortunately, no one was able to successfully escape from the maze of tombs. Tricky gates, pins and mummies will stop them and get rewarded. Aladin needs your help to solve these tricky puzzles and get all the gold from the grave.

Forum thread: Maze thief puzzle (by Genix Lab)

Moonlighter ($ 11.99)

iTunes description

A series of gates were discovered during a long period of excavation. People quickly realized that these ancient passages lead to different territories and dimensions – offering immeasurable treasures to brave and reckless adventurers. A small commercial village, Rinoka, was founded near the excavation site and provided shelter and place for adventurers to sell their hard-earned wealth.

Moonlighter is an action RPG with roguelike elements that fit the everyday life of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero.

Forum thread: Moonlighter (by Digital Sun Games and 11 Bit Studio)

Oculux (free)

iTunes description

Oculux is a relaxing, minimalist and beautiful puzzle game that offers hundreds of handmade levels to immerse you in. A dreamy meditative soundtrack accompanies you with your enjoyable experience.

how to play:
Swipe your finger in the direction you want to move to move the orb. Avoid traps and use different puzzle mechanics to collect all diamonds with the least amount of movement possible.

Forum thread: Oculux (by Logisk Studio)

1 night at Flumpty’s ($ 1.99)

iTunes description

“Hello! I am FlumptyBumpty. I am the egg. I is not affected by the conspiracy, you can transcend time and space. Since we took you to this special place, I We can be friends. I will come after you so I hope you are good at hiding. Have fun! ”– Fluffy

Avoid Flumpty and his friends and survive until 6am. If you survive all night, you can make new friends! If not, well … you will see.

Forum thread: One night at Flumpty’s (by Jonochrome)

PathPix Year ($ 3.99)

iTunes description

Want to play lots of new PathPix puzzles? PathPix Year has 365 puzzles, one for each day of the year. Celebrate the seasons, enjoy your holidays and find quirky quotes – PathPix Year has it all. 1 million squares to solve – 12 months puzzle. Each month, it includes different puzzle sizes, puzzle shapes and difficulty levels. Solve one puzzle a day or do everything as soon as possible. That is your choice.

Forum thread: PathPix Year (by Kris Pixton)

Queen Rule ($ 1.99)

iTunes description

Explore this hypnotic world built with handmade modeling FIMO clay characters. What is your car Logic and planning. It’s a rewarding yet fun puzzle experience.

Led by a benevolent king and queen, you will visit a fascinating land and enjoy an atmosphere you never know. Your job here — defeat the dark curse played by the evil witch. Sounds easy. Wrong! The puzzle is a simple and slow challenge for each level and each kingdom.

Forum thread: Queen Rule (by Juan Gabriel Palomino)

Ready, set, draw! (freedom)

iTunes description

Ready, set, draw! Draw words before you run out of time!

Artificial intelligence guesses what you are drawing. Make the drawing as clear as possible so that you can guess faster and more accurately.

Forum thread: Ready, set, draw! (By Build Loop)

Roll of Fortune (free)

iTunes description

Use your skills and strategies to compete with your friends, family and colleagues! Create a group-specific game or join a game created by a friend. It’s a simple game to play, but strategies can be as complex as you want.

Forum thread: Roll of Fortune (by FairTran)

Kill the beat (free)

iTunes description

Is there anything I need to protect the Neon Cyber ​​Earth from the invasion of alien bots?
Take on the challenge of this ultra-innovative musical roguelike game!

Clean the earth from alien cyborgs with the flow of rhythm. Take the clone to battle, attack and defend with beats, and feel the music succeed. Use rhythmic patterns to prioritize your targets and stun your enemies to deal additional damage. Unleash all your power with a special attack that crushes your enemies! Choose the correct path on the procedurally generated map and choose the correct set of items that will lead to victory!

Forum thread: Slay the Beat (by Gosiha)

Sudoku Master (Free)

iTunes description

An infinite number of Sudoku puzzles to explore. Install now and start learning mobile Sudoku! Sudoku Master-Classic Sudoku has a variety of Sudoku puzzles, with four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Difficult Sudoku, and Sudoku Expert Level. Sudoku Kingdom for all kinds of Sudoku players!

Forum thread: Sudoku Master (by Peaksel)

Tomb toad ($ 3.99)

iTunes description

Dive into dark dungeons, face terrifying enemies and ponder dangerous puzzles in this Topseater Bee Adventure game! To explore, simply rotate the world and let gravity do the rest.

Forum thread: Toad toad (by David Donze / Crescent Moon)

Trivia Crack Adventure (Free)

iTunes description

Millie wants to reach the crown before Willie, you have to do everything you can to stop him. All kinds of traps are in place to slow you down and you have to save the little things by answering the questions. Take advantage of power-ups and answer correctly to reach your goals.

Forum thread: Trivia Crack Adventure (by Etermax)

Word ball (free)

iTunes description

Every level has a unique subject that contains many words divided into various bubbles. Your goal is to combine letters to find words! Simple and easy to understand, but at the same time challenging and entertaining wordballs provide your daily brain training!

Forum thread: Wordball-Combine Letters (according to Legendeary Games)

Out Now: ‘Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’, ‘The First Tree’, ‘Moonlighter’, ‘One Night at Flumpty’s’, ‘Tomb Toad’, ‘DeLight: The Journey Home’, ‘Lineweight’, ‘Frog Hop Game’ and More

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