Out of the Park Baseball 22 Trailer

Out of the Park Developments today released a trailer for Out of the Park Baseball 22. The trailer has quite a few new features, including:

  • New 3D stadium for all major league teams
  • Dramatically improved stadium construction kit
  • A fully modified coaching system that connects and impacts the entire organization
  • All new strategies and management options
  • Gameplay and performance improvements
  • Perfect Team 22 announced, a new mode of bullying called Perfect Draft announced

Out of the Park Baseball 22 Released on March 26th..Players pre-ordered from Official site Or vapor, 3 days ago, you can save 10% and access the public beta.

Discover new talent, draft your next superstar, negotiate with free agents, participate in trade negotiations with other teams, build a dynasty and lead your franchise to an endless future! As a manager, dive into more hands-on management, set up your team lineup, pitching staff, in-game strategy, and call shots from the dugout. You can control your league at a high level, play each game in immersive 3D game mode, and manage your play by play and even by pitch.

Play for yourself, play with your friends in the online league, or play against tens of thousands of players around the world in permanent online perfect team mode.

Details will arrive in March. Below are some important dates to remember.

  • March 12 – OOTP22 revealed by Scott Brown on MLB Network
  • March 16 – Perfect Team 22 Reveals
  • March 19 – OOTP 22 Community Q & A

Out of the Park Baseball 22 Trailer

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