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Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and Rajasthan have hundreds of bird flus on Monday, despite several other states including Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand issuing warnings about the disease. It was confirmed that it was the cause of death of the bird.

The death of migratory birds in the Pondam Reservoir area of ​​the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh (2,300 birds until Monday) was due to bird flu, the chief guardian of the Dharamsala forest in Upasana Patiyar, confirmed on Monday. As a precautionary measure, the state government has banned the sale, purchase and slaughter of poultry in the Kangra districts of Fataburu, Della, Jawali and Indra. Exports of poultry products and fish have also been suspended.

Kerala, which eliminates birds within a 1km radius of the outbreak
Outbreaks of bird flu in Himachal, Kerala and LargeKerala’s Minister of Wildlife and Livestock, K Raju, said 12,000 ducks were killed by the disease. Authorities have been instructed to dispose of all birds within a 1-kilometer radius of the reported area. This includes all types of poultry and ornamental birds. Raju said the 36,000 birds needed to be disposed of to avoid further spread of the disease.

This is the third outbreak of bird flu in Alappuzha in the last seven years. “According to estimates by the livestock sector, 34,602 birds (mainly ducks) need to be culled in Kuttanad and will be completed in 3 days: 5,975 in Nedumdi, 11,250 in Takaji and 4,627 in Paripad. Feathers, including 12,750 ducks from Calvatta, “said collector A Alexander.

The National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal has also confirmed that the death of crows in Jhalawar, Rajasthan, was due to bird flu. Tolls, mostly crows, reached 522 on Monday. Virendra Singh, Director of Livestock, said: “The highest number of crow deaths was 36, reported in Jaipur. By January 4, 391 crows had died across the state.”

In addition to Jaipur, two new cases were reported in Jhalawar. Deaths were reported in Kota (12), Balun (12), and Bikaner (11). Six deaths were recorded in the Dausa district — two crows and four herons. Also, in Jodhpur, the deaths of one heron and four crows were reported. “Migratory birds are suspected to be the source of the virus,” said a senior animal husbandry official.High-ranking officials of the Ministry of Health TOI“Avian influenza can be transmitted from birds to humans. We have instructed authorities to carefully monitor poultry farms and other areas where birds live.”

The fear of bird flu after the death of 53 birds in Bantva, Junagadh, Gujarat, revealed that most of them were flapping and that the birds may have died of poisoning after death, Forestry officials said. Said.

Meanwhile, MP has also warned of an outbreak of H5N8 bird flu, which killed 160 crows and at least two herons in indole over the past week. Livestock department personnel in all districts are required to be vigilant and check for virus spread according to the SOP. So far, there is no evidence of infection in poultry. Following the death of birds in Himachal, the livestock sector in the Pathankot district of Punjab has begun to take precautions to prevent the spread of infection from migratory birds to poultry birds. The mystery obscures the death of the chicken, as the cause is not yet definitive.

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