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Mobius Games is very excited to finally talk about the first (and only) extension to Outer Wilds! Echoes of the Eye is full of secrets to add and discover new mysterious places in our solar system. I designed the extension as if it were always lurking in the outer wild world, but it hadn’t been discovered yet. With the launch of the Echoes of the Eye, check out the exhibits at Timberhaas’ new museum, the starting point for your final trip to the deepest and darkest parts of the solar system.

You may be wondering why you chose to add content when Outer Wilds was already a complete experience. As a relatively small and unestablished studio, we needed a project to follow Outer Wilds right away, but we’re still growing as a developer and able to offer something that appeals to Outer Wilds fans. I did. Internally, I was looking at various traditional ideas for Outer Wilds DLC. Eventually, I realized that it wouldn’t be comfortable to extend an existing game without giving the player something new and substantive to explore while adding something meaningful to the story. .. The Echoes of the Eye doesn’t match the width of the base game by itself, but it’s deeper than the existing locations in the solar system. Our playtesters are delighted with how deep the rabbit holes are!

As you can imagine, adding something substantive to an existing game was itself a rabbit hole. Creating Outer Wilds content was a complex process, and it didn’t take long for DLC to grow. The structure of the Echoes of the Eye is now more like a microcosm of the original game, as it needs to work the same for both new players and repeaters. That said, don’t expect the Echoes of the Eye to be a miniature base game. We took some risks in the storytelling way and added a lot of new mechanics. Outer Wilds always has a light horror element, but this extension leans towards a really creepy side (don’t worry, if you feel it’s too strong, we’ve added a “reduce fear” option to the menu! )

Like Outer Wilds, the Echoes of the Eye play best without your knowledge, so I try not to spoil it too much before playing it myself. Like the original game, we took the staples of many science fiction novels and used them as inspiration for both stories and dynamic systems. We look forward to seeing how our fans react to the new revelations we have in our stores, and as always we are of those who seek answers to their questions. We have done our best to include a lot of additional details for you. However, be careful. The Echoes of the Eye may contain the answer you seek, but does better knowledge remain in the dark?

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