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Robin Hood was never alone. Over the years, many real and fictional people have contributed to the legend. Like other good stories, it has been adapted and decorated for years for a diverse audience and in fact political motives.

I wanted to go back to basics. Returning to the old story, Robin Hood was a cruel outlaw who stole and killed with cold blood without regrets. It wasn’t long before he became more altruistic, gentrified, and heroic.

This asked, “What if HBO did Robin Hood in Game of Thrones style?” But perhaps there are more “Battle of the Bastards” than dragons …

Hood: We wanted to use Outlaws and Legends to (again) adapt and reimagine legends for a new audience and our own purposes. The fact that there was an Origin Story patchwork with no definitive Robin Hood felt like the perfect foundation for a multiplayer game.

The hood is not alone. It’s an idea. A symbol for people. Like Black Panther and Dread Pirates Roberts, it’s a mantle that is passed down from person to person to maintain mythology.

I asked what would happen if the incumbent hood died suddenly without a clear successor. Who will step into that vacuum? As anyone who has seen the Robin of Sherwood series in the 1980s knows, the two top candidates for the Hood title are Robin and Loxley and Robin of Huntingdon. (By the way, Michael Pride shouldn’t have left to start the dynasty, but don’t let me start the dynasty)

So we set up two outlaw gangs trapped in a battle, each fighting to pull off a bold robbery. Both aim to be welcomed by people as a true “food”.


In a world where people are oppressed, outlaws can be heroes. But our outlaws are not completely altruistic. Each is an exile from society, deprived of rights, evaded, and deprived of ownership. They are the heads of wolves-they have no more rights than wolves and can be killed at a glance. Each has its own reason for seeking revenge on the nation. They steal from the rich – to hurt the rich.

As with the hood, when we saw other player characters, we decided to take what worked out of the legend and recreate them to suit our gameplay needs.

We needed a diverse team that could combine skills to make a bold robbery successful.

The hood is of course a ranger who is skilled in long-range combat. He can hide in the shadows or stop in high windows to support the team from a distance. He can tag the target and remove the threat with a longbow. His explosive arrow abilities can be devastating to crowded groups and even defeat horrific sheriffs, at least for some time.

Little John has become a fighter, a close quarters specialist, and a common tank, the John Nailer. His deadly hammer can be killed with a single blow, but his angry abilities turn him into an unstoppable powerhouse with infinite stamina. If your team is trapped and everything seems to be lost, he is the only outlaw strong enough to raise the portcullis and open the team’s escape route.

Friar Tuck We Transformed into Tooke – Inquisitor of the Inquisitor of the Injured Former State. His flails strengthen him in short-range and medium-range combat, and his mysterious abilities can heal and support his team and reveal the location of nearby enemies.

Maid Marion is the way some of the legends have already portrayed her, from the suffering maiden, as she is a warrior and leader in her own right. Her burstfire crossbow and assassination skills terrorize enemies, and her fuming grenades and invisible abilities give any robber a stealth advantage.

State and wider world

We deliberately moved away from the specified time period or attempted to recreate a particular real-world location. We were free to play the gameplay we wanted, without being bound by historical or actual geographical accuracy.

Our enemies are simply unnamed forces known as nations, represented by AI-led guards and sheriffs who oppose both teams during the robbery. It is considered not a historical faction, but a representation of corrupt power and authority. Imposing will on the common people. The state building is an exaggerated projection of its power, much larger than what existed at the time, but with more enjoyable gameplay.

In fact, “following the fun” is the mantra adopted through development. Weapons and armor were played fast and loosely, stealing blatantly from other cultures and (near) periods, and making things for cool things like Marianne’s triple crossbow.

Using maps and biomes, I re-searched for the one that looked cool and was perfect for gameplay. With huge puppets and snow-capped mountains, it’s hard to find in England. However, if you are looking for a legend, there is plenty of reference and nod to the legend. For example, Barnsdale Outpost and Fountaindale.


I wanted to use the hood to create a dark and brutal reimagination of traditional legends where old-world myths and superstitions clashed with artificial forces and corruption. We also wanted to add a new and fresh twist to the multiplayer robbery genre.

In a sense, we do not explain who Hood is or give him a story of a single origin, so we claim that ours is one of the more honest expressions of folklore. can. After all, this is not trying to tell a story based on historical facts or historical novels. It’s a legendary story.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on May 10, 2021. Pre-ordered players will receive exclusive bonuses and early access to the game starting May 7, three days before the official release.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Bringing the Legend to Life

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