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Outrider announces automatic tractor trailer hitchhiking system

Today’s Autonomous Cargo Yard Technology Provider Outrider Launched automatic tractor trailer hitchhiking systemThe product states that it may help increase the efficiency of constant relocation of trailers around the delivery yard.

According to Golden-based Outrider, Colorado, the tool optimally places an autonomous yard truck in front of the semi-trailer, below the trailer, and the fifth wheel (truck connection point) on the kingpin (above). It can be attached to the connection point). Trailer) Very accurate.

“Most autonomous truck companies focus on trailing down long public roads. Outrider focuses on moving trailers in distribution yards, where autonomous hitching technology is essential to automate overall operations. “We are,” said Andrew Smith, founder and CEO of Outrider, in the release. “When a truck connects to a trailer, there are endless subtle differences in trailer position and configuration. Outrider engineers use breakthrough technology to adapt in real time to trailers of varying heights, weights and orientations. I built it. “

The company will add auto-hitching capabilities to the Outrider System platform, which consists of management software, self-driving cars, and site infrastructure. Together, the company allows the system to hitch into the trailer, remove the hitch from the trailer, robotically connect and disconnect the trailer’s brake line, safely interact with the loading dock, and track the position of the trailer. It states that it will centrally manage and monitor all system functions.

Product launch Following two rounds of funding in 2020, When Outrider raised $ 65 million and $ 53 million in two separate moves.

Outrider announces automatic tractor trailer hitchhiking system Outrider announces automatic tractor trailer hitchhiking system

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