Outrider Guide | How to Master the Power of Anomalies

James Bill Cliff, Thursday, April 1, 2021 16:26 GMT

As Outrider After leaving the devastated earth, Enoch became the last hope of mankind.

But when peaceful expeditions fail due to the devastating effects of alien anomalies, years of battle transform the former golden world into a war-torn, uninhabited land.

This intense third person shooter is packed with deep mechanics and interesting features. We are here to transform you from a green recruit to a veteran outrider veteran, with a breakdown of how to get the most out of almost every aspect of the game.

The Outriders Guide has been divided into three sections. General advice, how to get the most out of your equipment, and support for large-scale boss battles in the game.

Outriders Beginner’s Guide

Outriders’ beginner’s guide will introduce you to some of the game’s nuances that aren’t immediately obvious to help you roam the first few hours in Enoch or pick your first Altered.

Outrider Equipment Guide

In the wilderness that Enoch can’t handle, you can’t go far without proper equipment. Here’s how to put your hands on the strongest equipment in an outrider.

Outrider Boss Guide

Outriders are tough when playing at the highest level available. Therefore, ranks and files may give you sadness, but nothing compared to the numerous bosses you will face throughout the game’s main story and side quests. Here’s how to remove them:

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Outriders Guide | How to master the power of the Anomaly

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