Outriders Broadcast # 4 Talks Technomancer and Shows Post-Campaign Content Expeditions

It’s always encouraging for developers to show more of their games. Square Enix is ​​providing players with more information about Outriders today. Broadcast # 4 begins with a survey of the Technomancer class. You can summon weapons and freeze enemies with ice. It’s not a purely damage-oriented class, but it’s perfect for sniper rifles and recommended for solo play. For power, it’s the only class that can heal allies, structures, and itself, regardless of distance, but despite its ability to heal, it’s still deadly.

The new broadcast also describes post-campaign content called Expeditions. After starting in a new camp, outriders can challenge their enemies in new places. It’s not recycled from the campaign, and there are also new stories for 14 different expeditions. Developers quickly remind us that this is also not a live service game.

The start of the expedition includes a new challenge tier, so you can choose the difficulty level. The upper tiers need to be unlocked, and these unlock the new Expeditions to complete. Better loot comes with that extra challenge, but it’s not from the enemies you kill. You will only be rewarded when you are done with your work, and finishing the expedition soon will give you better loot. Even if your character is maxed out at level 30, gear and loot can increase to level 50 in expeditions.

The next part of today’s info dump goes into mods and crafts, which applies to everything. You can disassemble the weapons you find for mods into new powerful weapons. They show guns with frozen bullets with different mods that apply lightning damage at the same time. Armor can also be modified. You can redesignate your character tree for free at any time, so you can tweak your character to better complement your team. I’m highlighting, so check out the video for more on this.

The final part of the 30-minute trailer introduces one of the expeditions. A team of three will take on many enemies and show off some of the cool powers a fully leveled character can have. The more gameplay you have, the better, so check it out if you want to see the endgame content.

To conclude the broadcast, there’s a special Hell’s Rangers Content Pack for those who pre-order the game. I realized again that there are no microtransactions and the game is out of the box and complete content. The pack does not contain any benefits or skills and can be purchased later. It’s decals, skins, and 11 Hell’s Rangers weapons, and you can check them out at the end.

If you purchased Outriders on PS4 released on February 2, 2021, you won’t be left behind with a free next-generation upgrade. This game is suitable for the co-op shooter genre. I like to focus on having everything included at the time of release, without including games as a service or paying to win.

Square Enix has shown much of this game before its release. Check out this and other broadcasts for more details.

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Outriders Broadcast #4 Talks Technomancer and Shows Post-Campaign Content Expeditions

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