Outriders bugs wipe player weapons and armor

Due to a bug in Outriders, players seem to lose all their accumulated weapons and armor items.

As you can see in the following post that appeared in Outriders subreddit earlier today, players have been hit by a bug that completely wipes out the characters of all weapons and armor items. This effectively makes the player character “naked” and will appear as such when the player navigates to the Outriders character selection screen and starts the game.

20 Hours End Game Gear ….. disappeared from r / outriders

This is a pretty painful bug for any player, not to mention players who have spent more than 20 hours at Outriders. In the comments section below the subreddit post, many other players have encountered certain bugs and are making noise about all items in the character being wiped as a result of the problem.

It’s not currently clear if this bug is being investigated by Outriders developer People Can Fly. The player from the original subreddit post wrote that he sent a support ticket from the developer’s official website, but so far he hasn’t heard anything.

When Outriders went on sale last week, server issues plagued the game for the first few days. Most players couldn’t connect to the online game server right after the launch on April 2nd, but by April 4th, People Can Fly seemed to be in control of the situation, to control it. I brought the different regions online one by one.

At this time, it’s not clear what People Can Fly plans for Outriders in the near future. In a recent interview, the studio’s leadership revealed that it was only interested in “significant expansion with a self-contained story.” Whether or not it could turn into a significant DLC extension for the game, the developers aren’t currently offering anything, so you have to wait.

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