Outriders Devs outlines how wiped inventory is restored

Developer People Can Fly is slowly tackling the Outriders inventory wipe glitch. Not everyone will see that all items in the inventory have been restored. The studio grouped the affected users into separate groups to separate specific cases. However, most players should expect at least 20 legendaries to be restored in the near future.

In a long Reddit post, Senior Community Manager Toby Palm outlined the process People Can Fly is taking to restore inventory for affected players. First, divide the player base into three groups, groups A, B, and C, to determine the severity of the glitch’s impact. Group A is the worst, with some characters labeled “unplayable” due to glitches and error messages when connecting to Outriders’ servers. According to Palm, this group makes up “most of the affected players.” Group B has characters that are influenced by glitches but are not considered unplayable. Group C is all other players in the community.

After defining how each group would be affected, Palm outlined which items in the inventory would be restored. For Group A, everything is restored, regardless of the rarity of the item. Group B is a little more specific. Replaces up to 20 wiped legendaries. There is nothing to restore in Group C.

People Can Fly has not confirmed the exact date the inventory will be restored.Palm, the studio “needs”[s] It will take a little longer to make sure that the process is running exactly as intended. Some players are beginning to see their inventory replaced with gear of quality equal to or better than the original item.

Palm also identified why restoring wiped inventory is not as easy as “restore from backup”. Each Outriders profile should be scanned for inventory corruption. The affected player’s item history is then cross-referenced with People Can Fly’s analytic metrics to determine which gear was lost. Like Group A, some players are more affected by glitches than others, so the restore process will be longer. No date is attached, but Palm said the studio is “working on a schedule” as soon as possible “to resolve the issue.”

In another Outriders news, publisher Square Enix said inventory wipe glitches are a “top priority” for both the company and People Can Fly. Earlier this month, People Can Fly promised “additional measures” to combat the insidious bugs. Despite these launch date issues and a drop in Game Pass, Outriders was able to climb sales charts on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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