Outriders Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Quickly

Looking for an Outriders Leveling Guide? People Can Fly’s predatory shooter has exploded in popularity and quickly became a Steam bestseller. If you’re just starting out with Enoch and want to catch up quickly, here’s how to do it:

The maximum level of Outriders is 30 – at least for now. Even if you reach the upper limit of that level, you still cannot reach your full potential. It’s time to start increasing Outriders’world tiers to collect more powerful loot, and perhaps find Outriders’ legendary weapons and armor.

If you raise the world tier accordingly, the enemies will be upgraded, so if you are at level 30 at world tier 15, you will be fighting against level 45 enemies. However, you don’t have to worry about raising the World Tier while leveling up. Once you reach the level cap, there is an easy way to quickly raise your outrider’s world tier. This is also explained below. So, without any further hassle, here are some tips for reaching the maximum level of Outriders as soon as possible.

How to quickly reach level 30 with Outriders

Lower World Tier

It may sound counterintuitive, but farming experience in the lower layers of the world is better. Higher world tiers have less effect on leveling speed. As the enemy’s level goes up, there is a slight increase in XP for killing the enemy, but killing the enemy is also much more difficult. Lower world tiers mean easier and faster farming – dial it down and blow up the bad guys in the wild abandonment.

Outriders skill tree

Optimize your build

If the build doesn’t work, it will be very difficult to kill the enemy and get XP. Fortunately, we have a guide for all Outriders classes. Here are the best Devastator builds, the best Pyromancer builds, the best Technomancer builds, and the best Trickster builds.

Complete the quest

Completing the quest gives you much more experience than just killing an enemy. Playing the story should leave you with some 30 shy levels. Completing some side quests along the way will ensure you get there long before the story ends. Recruitment / hunting quests offer considerable rewards.

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Outriders experience farming places

However, if you don’t want to go any further in the story, but want to level up, you can farm XP by replaying certain missions. In the YouTube video above, JorRaptor explains that the “Trench Town” mission at the “Push Rebels” story point is a great agricultural opportunity, thanks to the waves of enemies they face.

How to quickly level up the Outriders World Tier

When you reach level 30, dial up the difficulty level. The key to leveling up the Outriders World Tier is to kill your enemies in a safe and controlled way. Every time you die, you lose progress.

JorRaptor recommends playing “River Across River” story points in First City. This will spawn near a relatively simple group of enemies. There are many other global agricultural hubs, but this is a frequently recommended location.

The outrider’s endgame is now ready. See the guide for an explanation of the expedition. If you need Outriders Titanium, here are some tips.

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