Over 5,000 FINAL FANTASY accounts banned for real money trading

More than 5,000 FINAL FANTASY 14 players may have awakened a few days ago and noticed that their accounts were banned. According to the development team, these players were engaged in real money trading and advertising, which could lead to an imbalance in the game.

In a post on the game’s official website, Square Enix has banned 5,037 accounts from participating in real money transactions and “other illegal activities” and another 814 accounts from promoting real money transactions. Said that.

Players can submit fraud reports within the game client to help mitigate the issue. You can also report ads to prevent others from offering these services in your game. Perhaps the problem cannot be completely eliminated, but it should help reduce its prevalence.

Selling power leveling services and other gear that you don’t want in real money in MMO games is nothing new, but you literally pay to win in the best gear that other players couldn’t really make. It’s certainly frustrating to see.

“… Players need to be careful to avoid activities that violate the Terms of Service,” Square Enix added. This is certainly true for MMO as well. In my World of Warcraft era, my account was completely banned after a friend tried to use the bot for a few seconds. All that work was wasted.

FINAL FANTASY 14 will receive the next expansion pack, Endwalker, later this year. The next single-player FINAL FANTASY game, FINAL FANTASY 16, is also under development on PS5.

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