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Underdogs are known to shock the world of MMA on certain nights.In today’s episode The other side of the pond, As the latest barbaric strength bulldozer in the promotion, meet the Delta Kingfisher in the Light Heavyweight division of Bellator MMA, ready to cause a landslide south of the rate of earthquakes. Representing a professional mixed martial artist since November 2016 Doom Crew, Benparish He holds a 5-1 record through six professional matches consisting of four submissions and one knockout. Prior to his promotional debut at Belator MMA in September 2021, Parish fought for the Summit Fighting Championship, an MMA promotion for his hometown of Mississippi. Finishing four first rounds under his belt. Parish is currently 1-0 under the flag of Belator MMA. Most of Parish’s wins during his professional career came before the end of the opening round. He has not yet reached the scorecard at any point in his career.

With his MMA debut, he faced Dameon Melton And he kept tapping him out through the arm bar in the first round.Submit Parish Link battle In the second round through the arm bar of the Summit Fighting Championship Tupelo.Then at Summit Fighting Championship 31, he tapped out Jordan Fowler In the first round, through rear-naked choke.Submit Parish Teddy holder Through rear-naked choke to win his fourth professional submission victory in Round 1 of the Summit Fighting Championship 32.

He knocked out at Bellator MMA’s promotional debut at Bellator 266 Christian Edwards In the first round. The victory brought Parish the first knockout victory in his professional career. He also won the number one victory under the Bellator MMA flag in the process. When this shark smells blood in the water, the enemy is at deadly danger!

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Overall Pond Profile: Bellator MMA Fighter Ben Parrish Overall Pond Profile: Bellator MMA Fighter Ben Parrish

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