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Tournaments are the ultimate test of a fighter’s mental readiness.In today’s episode The other side of the pond, At XFC44 on May 28th, we’ll show you the Alpha Pitbull ready to hit everyone on his way to becoming the leader of the pack. Since March 2016, he has been a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Triumph MMA, Brett Martin He holds a 9-1-1 record through 10 professional matches consisting of 2 knockouts, 2 submissions, 2 decisions, 1 no contest and 2 disqualifications. Martin has fought for many promotions throughout his journey in professional ranks, including the Legacy Fighting Alliance. He also participates in the Lights Out Championship, a regional MMA promotion based in his home state of Michigan. During his tenure as a professional MMA fighter, Martin finished four out of nine victories and finished three in the first round. Martin accessed the scorecard twice in his professional career, both of which won by a full decision.

He faced with his MMA debut at KOP 48 Ryan Hall And he continued to beat him through TKO in the first round.Martin submitted Derrick Weaver In the second round via Bravo Chalk in Knockout Promotion 51.Then at Knockout Promotion 55, he was defeated Destin Allen Round One via TKO.Martin defeated Ray Lopez Through a unanimous decision at Knockout Promotion 58.He was defeated Ryan Pocliffe Martin tapped out due to unanimous decision Josh Parisian Via Kimura in the first round of Light Out Championship 2. He was defeated in the main event of Right Out Championship 3. Jesse Hernandez Through a unanimous decision.Martin defeated Brazil Renan Ferriera Through disqualification in the first round at LFA70.He was defeated Daniel James Through disqualification in the fifth round of the main event of LFA77.

At XFC44 on May 28th, Martin Chris Barnett At a heavyweight Titanic encounter. Good luck Brett!

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Overall Pond Profile: XFC MMA Fighter Brett Martin Overall Pond Profile: XFC MMA Fighter Brett Martin

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