Overcoming Negative Thoughts: A Little Consciousness Can Go a Long Way

“You have the power to control your mind. It’s not an external event. If you do this, you will have power.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Every time I get up from the lowest point, negative thoughts seem to drag me down again.

Negative thoughts seem to win every time, whether it’s the fear of being really happy just to mourn again, or the self-doubt and self-judgment that appears when things are going well and I’m healthy. ..

Not long ago, I was constantly fighting the negative thoughts that trying to balance my passion for writing, physical and mental health, school, work, food preparation, and household chores was not enough. , And family.

This only exacerbated my anxiety while increasing my daily misery.

Towards the end of the battle, I experienced a decline in my physical health as I was immobile, oversleeping, and eating less.

I decided to exercise at home. Again, during the series of rushes, I just spiraled back into the same rabbit hole that came out, so I experienced the negative idea that exercising is not a problem. bottom. Kneeling and breaking down.

A few seconds before the dropdown,Your inner strength is stronger than you think. ” I came to me.

I stopped for a moment, put my hand on the table next door, supported it, and took a deep breath.

I felt the statement.

I repeated it several times. I wrote it down.

I read it many times.

I realized that the statement came from the realization behind my thoughts, the awakening of my inner strength, and the resurrection.

In many cases, we are deeply lost in what has passed, what is to come, and what we cannot control, and we are no longer aware or aware of the present moment. Ultimately, we become prisoners of negative thoughts, which exacerbate our stress and anxiety.

Even if everything is good for a moment and we are aware of the present, it will not be long to spiral into negative thoughts that raise doubts and fears that it is good.

A few months ago, my niece was very excited to learn a new math problem. They were playing games between them, asking each other to solve mathematical equations. Suddenly, they said “massi,” which means “aunt” in Punjabi. “What do you think the answer is !?”

I turned red. My ears and cheeks were burning. It was embarrassing and scary. I stuttered and quickly changed the topic.

I struggled with math courses throughout high school and barely passed each one. To avoid taking math courses at community colleges and colleges, I found a loophole to bypass it as a liberal arts major, but get a degree to work in an area that I would despise. It was just.

Now, a few years later, I am enrolling in the math class I need to get a botany degree. why? I didn’t want the negative thoughts that ignited the fear of not being able to understand or pass math lessons to prevent me from learning the botanical sciences I enjoy.

It is important to recognize that negative thoughts are not always true. They are often a myth formed by doubt, fear, and anxiety. They pull us away from reality and undermine our ability to do and do what we want.

Negative thoughts are obstacles that arise shortly after life brings something unknown to our path. They come from our egoistic state of trying to protect us from being uncomfortable with changes or something new. Negative thoughts also limit the opportunities and possibilities that life gives us and ultimately paralyze our ability to learn and grow.

But the universe continues to present us with what we need to challenge negative thoughts, eventually awakening our consciousness and igniting our inner power.

After many painful and difficult times, I was in pain until I realized I was drowning in negative thoughts in a dark closet for hours. I have found that there is always a strong consciousness behind my negative thoughts. Sometimes it’s loud and clear, sometimes it’s subtle and obscure, but it’s always there to pull me away from those negative thoughts, stand up and show up, and never give up.

I know it’s not easy to separate myself from the negative thoughts that can be taken to dark places, but it’s always possible.

Here are two practices that help me from the most difficult times by awakening the consciousness behind my thoughts and restoring my inner strength.

1. I pay attention to my feelings and immediately set foot naturally.

Often, when we have negative thoughts, we begin to feel stress and anxiety in our bodies. You may experience physical symptoms such as chest tightness and shallow breathing, or you may experience strong emotions such as embarrassment, self-doubt, anger, and sadness.

If you find yourself out of sync with your inner self and find yourself feeling sick in some way, go out immediately before it gets worse.

Whether you’re sitting in the backyard or taking a walk around the block, it takes a little time to relieve stress and anxiety and calm down.

In that space, I become aware behind negative thoughts and can dissipate them rather than staying in them and believing.

Don’t think about what happened or what happened when you were in nature, looking at plants and trees, feeling a refreshing breeze, and watching birds fly.

Ultimately, being with nature gently awakens our consciousness and restores our inner strength.

2. I do something that brings me joy.

As I said, we often think of negative thoughts about what happened or what would be. I often get lost in what I can do differently and what may happen in the future, eventually getting caught up in self-doubt and self-judgment holes.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to do something that makes you happy when you’re stuck on the wall with negative thoughts. But keep in mind that it’s not impossible.

When I doubt or judge myself, I do only one thing, big or small, that I know will make me happy. Sometimes it’s making a new simple recipe, and at other times it’s writing a sentence or two in my diary.

This is a game changer because it separates you from negative thoughts by paying attention to something else, which awakens your presence and consciousness. You also take advantage of your “feeling good” feelings by doing something for yourself. This gives you a feeling of elasticity and stimulates your inner strength.

— —

Over and over again, I realized that I was trying to fight negative thoughts forever. Still, somehow they always come back to another round. However, despite weeks of negative thoughts, my consciousness and inner strength have always returned to my heart.

Pay attention to the loud or subtle tweaks your consciousness gives you when you are experiencing difficult times. Your awareness and inner strength are stronger than any negative thoughts you may have, and they can help you recognize what they are doing —Just an idea— Then you can let them go and do what you want.

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