Overhaul of Windows visuals leaked from Microsoft job listings

Recently, a senior software engineer said Microsoft plans to make some major visual changes to the Windows UI to remind the user base that Windows is still a trendy operating system. Said.

The list says: “This team works with major platforms, Surface, and OEM partners to coordinate and deliver drastic visual activation of the Windows experience, notify customers that Windows is back, and Windows is the best for customers. User OS Experience. ”Then, as Windows enthusiasts began to notice in the list, the ad was modified to remove the reference to this Windows makeover.

Codenamed Sun Valley, the UI restart was originally back in late October 2020. According to this report, planned updates are likely to arrive as part of Windows 10 Cobalt during the 2021 holiday season, resulting in significant user interface updates such as: File Explorer, Action Center, and Start Menu. This update aims to modernize the user experience for a world accustomed to lighter, navigable platforms.

In recent years, Microsoft has focused on visual and tactile experiences with Windows products, and in addition to last year’s release, is working to improve mouse-trackpad interaction and touch sensitivity on Surface products. I will. All of these improvements reflect Microsoft’s new desire to improve Windows following moves such as being responsible for the entire Windows client and hardware.

Microsoft previously split Windows after former Windows director Terry Myerson left the company, moving most of Windows’ core development to the Azure, cloud, and AI teams. Now all the development is back under one roof. With, this was probably just a shot in the arm that Microsoft needed to successfully make the long-promised UI changes.

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