Overwatch 2 is still switching, but Blizzard has to make “some compromises”

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Since the system first appeared in 2017, it has been a difficult battle for developers porting next-generation titles to Switch.

I’ve seen some “impossible” ports like The witcher 3 And DOOM, Often, studios need to be seriously configured to launch and run certain games on Nintendo’s hybrid hardware.When it comes to that Overwatch 2 Naturally there is no difference. During Reddit AMA, which celebrated its fifth anniversary with the Overwatch team at the end of May, concerns were raised about the iteration of the next release of Switch and whether it would be released.

In response, Blizzard’s technical director John Lafleur has proven that the Switch version is “a little more difficult” than the other versions, with at least “some components” to install the game on the system. I admitted that it definitely exists. This is a complete replacement:

Question: Some of Overwatch 2’s changes and new features look incredible, including more detailed and new ways to render eyes and hair. Especially remembered in the gameplay trailers and Rio missions are the giant null-sector ships floating in the sky.Well, all these changes look amazing, but as the only switch player, I think the switch is just [not] You can handle these upgrades. PvP probably runs smoothly (only 9 other heroes appear on the screen, probably BOB, with 5v5 modified). Will the game still be released on Nintendo Switch? What compromises do you need to make if it’s released (I think it’s mainly released in PvE)?

Developer response: Hardware advances since the launch of Overwatch have expanded the OW2 engine with higher-end features. However, PvE also strives to provide the best experience on all platforms. Switches are a bit more difficult than some, so you have to compromise there. As a result, some high-end visual enhancements may not be visible. First, focus on ensuring that all gameplay-related features are included and then highlighted with additional features as much as possible.

Fortunately for Switch, Overwatch 2 has been confirmed to be running on the same (but upgraded) engine as the original release. A few Thinking about what the sequel should be. It also allows players in both games to play PVP mode with each other.

At the same time-it made us wonder how Other If it’s a more demanding game, the side of the sequel will hold up to the switch. Performance is a big topic and the original title is about 30 fps. Many have argued that this is not enough for a competitive shooter. In addition, cross-play is now enabled.

What are your own thoughts on making Overwatch 2 on Switch for Blizzard Making? Is this a game that you are interested in playing on this particular system? Please leave a comment below.

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