Overwatch 2 update coming February at Blizz Conline

Thursday, December 17, 2020 11:30 GMT, Dom Peppiatt

Overwatch 2 Announced at Blizzcon 2019, Blizzard has been pretty quiet about the next sequel since its announcement, but that’s about to change.

Blizzard confirmed at BlizzCon, an annual conference that went online in 2021 thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, to outline more information about the next sequel to the 2016 hero shooter.

“I don’t think a lot of people expected this to come,” says Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan after releasing a new map with the latest developer update. “As you know, our big focus is Overwatch 2. We’ll have BlizzCon Online in February.”

“”[We] I can’t wait to talk more about Overwatch 2 I can’t wait to show you more in Overwatch 2 We know it’s too long, we know it was quiet And we still have a way to go, just manage expectations. But we are working very hard. We hope this game will be great for you both in live games and in future sequels. “

Blizzard hasn’t disclosed the release date for Overwatch 2 at this time, but studios usually have the habit of waiting until the release is very close before announcing the date. Now that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are out, we’ve heard more about the long-awaited sequel company’s plans.

Earlier this year, Blizzard announced that it would cancel this year’s event, BlizzCon 2020, taking into account all the health and safety considerations the company wants to make.

Blizzcon in 2019 was one of the largest hosting rebels in the Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 studios. It’s interesting to see the magnitude of this event, given that it will be an online-only venture.

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Overwatch 2 updates are coming at BlizzConline in February

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