Overwatch is free to play during the Christmas holidays

Blizzard is currently running a free trial of Overwatch if you want to spin it on vacation. It lasts until January 4, 2021 and comes with all the products you get with a full purchase. Simply visit the Blizzard website and press the download button.

Suppose you want to promise a full purchase before the trial period ends. In that case, you’ll get a Legendary Edition with World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm-themed Overwatch cosmetics for half the price. If you’re interested in games rather than skins, the standard version is 25% off. You don’t have to worry because your progress will be carried over.

Overwatch is currently hosting its annual Winter Wonderland event. In addition to a new selection of skins to nub, there is a limited-time game mode called Deck the Brawls. This is a 4 to 4 mode where you perform the task of having one team freeze the other. Think of this as tag. Previous limited-time modes such as Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter are back.

All of this will be offered as part of Blizzard’s Holiday Sale, which features discounts of up to 65% on various merchandise until January 4, 2021. CallofDuty: Black Ops – Cold War is currently being traded with a pile of World of Warcraft related content mounts, character boosts, the game itself and more.

We don’t know the release date for Overwatch 2 yet, but if you’re interested in the sequel and at least haven’t played the original on your PC, this seems like a better time than anyone else.

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