Oxygen esports signs Indian PUBG mobile player Rona K

Harp Toshin “RonaKJanjuha officially joined Oxygen Esports. The organization announced on Instagram earlier today, and PUBG Mobile appears to be back in India. Three months after the ban in India, South Korean company Bluehole is working on a workaround to bring the title back to one of its largest markets.

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Who is RonaK?

Ronak will join Oxygen Esports prior to the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India. Image by Liquidpedia

RonaK is one of the most successful players in the PUBG Mobile scene in India. Ronak was part of Team X Spark, which featured other prominent Owais, Scout, and Parisotsh. After spending time at XSpark, he joined Soul before moving to Fnatic. He was frequently benched at Fnatic and didn’t get the chance he got at SouL. RonaK left Fnatic shortly before PUBG Mobile was banned in India. His esports career peaked in 2019, winning PMIS Champions 2019, PMCO Indian Champions 2019, and PMAS Champions 2019. The move to Oxygen Esport will allow him to compete in PUBG Mobile India, an improved version of PUBG Mobile. Not yet released.

Who is Oxygen Esports?

Oxygen Esports is a UK-based organization that has been successful in Rainbow Six Siege. The Siege team has been successful in multiple A-tier tournaments. Oxygen is also invested in other games such as Hearthstone and the Rocket League. The interest in PUBG Mobile in India is an exciting move for the subcontinent. It will be interesting to see other players selected for the PUBG mobile roster by oxygen. Other game organizations that have withdrawn from the PUBG Mobile scene after the ban are aiming to lift the ban and make a comeback in the game.

Revival of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is expected to come back by the end of this year. Developers are already teasing the game’s resurgence in the subcontinent, and it’s only a matter of time before we get the release date. The game includes a client dedicated to India, but players who have made progress in the global version of the game can use their existing IDs.

All in-game items will be transferred to the new PUBG Mobile India variant. It’s unclear if any changes will be made to the core gameplay or if the new game will sync with global gameplay. Indian authorities have not yet approved the game, but have accepted the recent signature and growing interest from esports organizations. Very likely to be approved.

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