Pac-Man 99 announced and will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch tonight

BANDAI NAMCO and Nintendo announce a surprise Pacman 99, Online Multiplayer Battle Royale takes over Nintendo Switch’s arcade classic and will be released tonight.

Adopted the battle royale formula of the recent classic game that became a hit song Tetris 99 And Super Mario Bros. 35 Apply to Pac-ManIn the game, 99 players chop pellets in their maze and avoid ghosts as long as possible until they reach their final “pack one” position. However, this time, if you eat the above-mentioned ghost following the power pellet, Jammer Pac-Man will be sent to the enemy’s maze, and if you hit it, the speed of the pack will slow down. Players can also use Sleeping Ghosts to create a ghost train and send a large number of ghosts to other players in an attempt to block their progress.

There are four strategic power-ups that you can flick to give yourself an edge, including additional speeds and additional jammers, as well as additional game modes and custom themes based on other Namco arcade classics. Garaga, Dig Dug Things that can be purchased using real money from the in-game store.

Pacman 99 Released tonight at 2am UK time (6pm Pacific Standard Time), it’s a free download exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members. Check out the trailers for the releases below.

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