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Calling a game a clone of another game can be considered an insult. So if something is a GTA clone, it’s inferior and in most cases it’s a correct evaluation. Pacer is a clone, but not. Rather than accelerating and growing for the evil empire, Pacer has been pregnant for a long time to provide us with the best possible clone of the wipeout. Yes, it’s a WipeOut clone, but it’s a very good clone and should be checked early in the review.

Pacer was born as a separate game in 2015, but I can’t tell you more about its history. Because it doesn’t matter. It’s important to be in front of us, and it’s good. It’s really bloody.

Pacer adopts the concept of WipeOut and gives it its own name. We’ve also made some ingenuity to distinguish it from the cloned series or to avoid Sony attorneys. Either way, I don’t care. It’s a good game, and Sony hasn’t made a wipeout game, so I’m glad someone did. In addition, the development studio behind Pacer actually counts a few former WipeOut developers in that number. Imagine a little code swiped before Sony kicked through Studio Liverpool into a street or job center.

Racing is fun and fast, but it’s also difficult. I’m not against a good challenge and I’m happy to be able to play even after blasting myself 15 times in the same amount of time as taking control.

Pacer has a lot to do. You can work on the campaign mode of the game where various corporate sponsors fight on the best machines, or you can participate in your favorite event. I spent most of my time on campaigns, playing various races and events, and earning some sweet cash in the process. There’s an online multiplayer mode if it’s yours, but I’ve had enough trouble to beat the computer, never mind real humans with their own thoughts and tactics. Hmm. Not so for me, but it’s great that they’re all the same.

Control is my biggest complaint. They’re not bad, they’re just a little different from what I’m used to in racing games. When you’re not playing a game for review work, you’re probably playing a racing game. Whether it’s GRID, Forza Horizon, or Mario Kart with a child, one is the same. That is, pull R2 to accelerate and pull L2 to brake. The Pacer breaks that tradition by turning the L2 and R2 buttons into airbrake while accelerating, mapping to a cross button and boosting to a square button. This goes against all of my natural racing instincts, and while getting there, I slowly hit the sides of the game’s diverse and gorgeous tracks forever. Maybe I’m just an idiot.

If you really want to win, it’s important to apply the airbrake at the right time. I’m happy just to participate …

Like wipeouts, airbrake flies around tight chicane and helps keep competing racers from dropping mines on the track. You may be familiar with it at that time, but who is actually playing wipeout lately? Muscle memory may fade …

Various events take place on different maps of some interesting places, such as snowy places, low-flying freighters, and nice set decorators that make the game world feel more than just a mortal race. .. truck. I love the little background of the game. I don’t usually care about it, but if I’m not there, I’ll definitely miss it. The Pacer has this quality and adds a bit of depth to the visual representation not available with regular racers.

But not everything is great. The gameplay was great and I spent hours chasing pucks and bronze medals at various events. To be fair, it’s the only event that disappoints the rest, it’s survival. In this mode, you must complete a certain number of laps in a time trial style race. There is no one else on the truck, but there are many mines to avoid. I couldn’t get around them well, and I think it would be a pain even for more capable players. It’s not easy to adjust the position while moving at ridiculous speeds and I didn’t really enjoy these events.

However, you can make things a little easier for yourself by exploring the garage of each vehicle. Here you can adjust the machine to your liking, or to your needs if you’re struggling with a particular track. You can also customize your weapon and place different loadouts. Weapon pickup is associated with loadouts, not a universal approach. So if you think you can make yourself more competitive by attacking, you can equip the right weapons. On the other hand, if you find yourself losing because you are killed often, you can adjust the loadout to suit your defensive playstyle. It’s a great touch and I’m grateful for the official evolution of the wipeout.

One of the big problems I had with this game was literally a game breaker. I didn’t mention this because it solved the problem for me, but I think it’s fair. If this happens to you, you will know what to do to fix it.

When I first downloaded the review copy of the game, I couldn’t get through the first “press button to continue” screen. After restarting the game several times and restarting PS4 Pro, the language selection screen was finally displayed. And nothing. The game still ran, but didn’t recognize my input. When I sent an email to a PR representative, I was told to delete the game and download it again. I did, and everything went well. Since then, I’ve played many sessions for about 12 hours and the problem hasn’t recurred. But that happened, and if it happened to you, you would know to delete and download again.

And that’s the only real technical problem I’ve encountered. Everything else was great. The game ran beautifully and I didn’t notice when the frame was dropped. The audio was a bit flat, but the soundtrack was just right, and a familiar blend of EDM and techno was bombed in every race by my side. The graphics are also great, at least on the PS4 Pro, and the game looks great on a 4K TV. Thanks to the background details, the track feels like part of a larger world, and the track itself is well realized.

The wipeout is dormant and there are several other clones, but the Pacer is by far the best specimen. It actually helps to share some of the original dads.

Pacer PS4 Review

  • Overall-must play- 9/10



Pacer is a great alternative to Wipeout, supporting the familiar gameplay that has been overlooked since the latter pause. Furious fast races, heavy airbrake drifts, and even combat – Pacer has it all, and some.


  • Familiar gameplay that is easy to get stuck
  • Vibrant graphics and gorgeous and detailed tracks that are part of the larger world
  • Rich content for campaigns, online multiplayer, quick racing and more
  • Depth to fight different roadouts and vehicle configurations


  • Some events are too difficult, but that may be my lack of skill …

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Pacer – PS4

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