Pacifists hit World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands level caps in gardening

The best stories of World Of Warcraft have nothing to do with old gods, the Queen of Banshee, or the moody orc hero. Rather, it involves the panda’s stubborn determination to drop “War” from “Warcraft.” Although never picking up a sword, leaving the starting zone, or pledged allegiance to the Alliance or Horde, WoW player Double Agent has reached the Shadowlands level cap, but has been in bloom for 18 consecutive days. I picked it.

DoubleAgent was first involved in the act in 2014 after reaching 90, the cap of Mists Of Pandaria. Currently, PC Gamer reports that it has reached 60, Shadowlands’ revised cap, just over two weeks after its release.

Returning in 2012, Pandaren is a unique race in WoW at the first 10 levels, unless you belong to either faction in the game. The monster will now stop offering XP when you are a few levels above the monster, but the Wandering Island start zone also includes mining and collecting nodes. These nodes are leveling tracks while providing a pathetic amount of XP.

Therefore, with all extensions since Pandalia, the DoubleAgent has exited hibernation and reached an updated leveling cap. His first trek from 1 to 90 took a whopping 173 days of playtime. The rise of the last expansion from 110 to 120 took 77 days. However, thanks to Shadowlands’ Level Squish returning the cap to 60 (and other changes in leveling rates), it took only 18 days to take the lead in this round.

How tedious this process is cannot be fully emphasized. The DoubleAgent basically loops through the island’s collection nodes over and over again, receiving a really small amount of XP each time. But then, as he mentioned all the time in his first post, it sounds like a cool way while away from podcasts and TV shows for hours.

It’s as boring as flying to the center of an elite galaxy. I think it’s dangerous. And being the highest level of truly neutral player in all Warcraft is a better reward than any other player.

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Pacifist hits World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ level cap by picking flowers

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