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Those who rule out potential boxing clashes between Conor McGregor And Manny Pacquiao You may want to raise the brakes a little.

After McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier in the second round at UFC 257, the Irish admitted that they didn’t know what would happen to the filipino clash, they told reporters, including MMA Junkie. -A battle press conference that the battle was about to be signed.

“I’ll see what happens. I don’t know what will happen,” he said. “That Manny’s fight was happening. It was as good as I did, so I don’t know.”

The next day, news came out that Pacquiao was no longer interested in the match against McGregor, and Manny Pacquiao’s promotion president Sean Gibbons told the British newspaper Zasan, “I don’t think there is any demand for the fight right now.” I am.

But on Saturday night, Ody Attal, who manages both Pacquiao and McGregor, said his company, Paradigm Sports, is the only organization that actively represents Pacquiao’s interests. Has recently been linked to Pacquiao Camp, which posted on social media and aimed at some of its rumors and statements.

“The boxing industry has a history of involving dubious characters. These individuals are confusing and spread false rumors just for their own benefit. Unfortunately, this only hurt fighters. ..

“Some of these individuals have found themselves re-spreading false and inaccurate rumors that they are self-serving without the authority of Senator Pacquiao or Paradigm Sports.

“Senator Pacquiao wanted to conclude the last chapter of his historic boxing career in a meaningful way, so he engaged in paradigm sports last year as his exclusive representative.

“At this time, no one but Paradigm Sports is involved in managing Senator Pacquiao’s boxing career. As Senator Pacquiao’s manager or representative, he pretends to be related to his remaining fighting career. Anyone who represents himself can face legal implications.

“Paradigm Sports has a reputation in the martial arts industry for fighting with integrity, professionalism and transparency for our clients. We look forward to hosting a great event with Senator Pacquiao in early 2021.

“I’m working closely with Senator Pacquiao and his legal team in Manila to plan for his next fight. We’ll let you know more about this event in the coming weeks.”

This statement certainly raises some questions. Is this just if Atter shuts down the former representative in an attempt to muddy the water? Does this mean that Pacquiao-McGregor’s proposal to diminish interest in the game is inaccurate? If so, does this mean that Pacquiao and McGregor’s boxing match will still be seen in 2021, as McGregor suggested for UFC 257?

Boxing and mixed martial arts fans are eagerly awaiting news about the future of Pacquiao and McGregor, so it looks like all the options remain open, and Pacquiao is no longer interested in the match against Dublin. Not said to say, the match between the two may still be possible.

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Pacquiao officials blame “suspicious characters” and “rumors” Pacquiao officials blame “suspicious characters” and “rumors”

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